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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Ancient Site
Diameter: 8235 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 68%
Climate: Cold
Population: 4.13 Billion
Government: Charismatic Dictator (Military Consul)
Law Level: 11
Tech Level: 10

Natoko is a pleasant world ruled by a military dominated government known as the Proconsulate. Local society has always been heavily dominated by militarism, a situation that led to several antebellum era confrontations between the Proconsulate and the Imperial government. An Imperial Edict issued in 1081 prohibited the world from owning military vessels, after a number of incidents on nearby worlds involving Natoko's Planetary Navy. Since the Collapse this Edict has been reinforced by the Regency Starship Shortage, and there are rumors to the effect that the Ministry of Shipping amuses itself by repeated monkeying around with the production schedules of ships alloted by the Regency to Natoko. Much of the world's aggression has been rechanneled into Frontier duty with the Navy or RQS, though the Proconsulate's stated goal of sponsoring new colonisation missions into the reopened Frontier has some Regency officials worried.

Natoko's Ancient site was declassified in 1133 as part of the "airclearing" program of removing Imperial era secrecy. It has also served to prevent the Natoko government from using the site for its own nefarious purposes. The site apparently included artifacts that enabled the Imperial government to better understand the workings of force fields, which permitted the reproduction and manufacture of Black Globes recovered Knorbes (SM 1807). A number of other military applications have been found, some still classified, and the Regency Ministry of Interior and the Navy station large numbers of security personnel to protect the "cookie jar" from the Proconsulate and its agents.

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