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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Naval and Scout Bases
Diameter: 3978 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin
Surface Water: 40%
Climate: Normal
Population: 17.52 Billion
Government: Oligarchy (hereditary nobility)
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 15 (distributed), 16 (achieved)

Chris Griffen wrote a good version of Rhylanor as written some years ago. However a few details are changed for my version. Rhylanor's tech profile is changed to read FF-HGGFH-GGGG-FH to better reflect the Post-Collapse period (CG's profile is better understood as being antebellum) but also the progress of research on Rhylanor in the last seventy years. And while private robotic firms on Rhylanor have been forced to shut down, the Regency and subsector governments have retained several such facilities for their own use.

Rhylanor is home to a cluster of Regency facilities once known as Plants 7 through 10, but now referred to as the Rhylanor Quadrilateral, which produces an array of TL 15 and 16 goods for Regency military and paramilitary forces. The world's high tech infrastructure is buoyed up by a number of higher learning facilities, including not only the University of Rhylanor and RIT, but fellow "Ivy Curtain" insitutions like Lyonesse University and Pendahar College, all of which have a heavy grounding in technical sciences and technocratic management. The ROSS facility has been supplemented by a number of new private orbital starport facilities known as RALFS (pronounced 'Ralph') or Rhylanor Auxiliary Facilities.

The world is the primary Post-Collapse headquarters to a number of prominent firms, including Sternmetal Horizons, Blackhawk Enterprises, Ginga Transport, Prynnde Metals, Astroburgers LRC, the Tukera family affiliated Lightbearer Lines, and JAX/TCP.

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