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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 5836 Miles
Atmosphere: Corrosive due to sulfur compounds
Surface Water: 12% acidic water
Climate: Warm
Population: 7.27 Billion
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 11
Tech Level: 13

Zivijie is a high population world despite its inhospitable atmosphere. Considerable resources attracted major corporate and Imperial investment as early as 420, and its industry and population steadily grew throughout the Antebellum period. During the Fifth Frontier War, the world became the farthest trailing advance point of the Zhodani invasion force, being the site of bitter fighting that almost went the Zho's way. The repulse of these forces held up the Zhodani invasion of Rhylanor subsector, and they were crushed weeks later at Rhylanor by reinforcements from Corridor Sector, being the decisive victory that led to the successful prosecution of the war.

The world's seemingly oppressive government and law level are reflective of the stress of maintaining infrastructure and life support on this world. In actuality political debate is free and flowing, and criticism of the government is tolerated. Political office is open to any meritorious individual. The laws merely reflect the stringent environmental regulations and containment laws that keep the population alive. The local infrastructure is excellent, and the locals put a high emphasis upon educational attainment. The starport is home to the Naravisji Planetary University, which is a former extension program of the Glisten Institute of Planetelogical Studies (GLIPS). Terraforming projects carried out by both institutions have not profited, and the world remains under heavy study in hopes of future transformation of the atmosphere.

The system itself contains a number of orbital facilities, many constructed since the Collapse. The oldest and most prominent of these is the Marrestie Orbital Arcology around the gas giant Zivijie VI. The arcology is the exclusive domain of the mainstream Church of Stellar Divinity, and its 468,000 inhabitants are not very solicitious of visitors. Other facilities include the Hirogiri Stellar Observatory, and the Golden Mean Arcology, which is the headquarters of the Zivijie Planetary Navy and COACC forces. Sternmetal Horizons maintains a number of orbital industrial facilities, and its presence insystem is second in size only to its Regency headquarters in Rhylanor.

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