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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: None
Atmosphere: None
Surface Water: None (Some asteroids contain ice)
Climate: None
Population: 8.13 Million
Government: Balkanised
Law Level: 6
Tech Level: 11

Gitosy is one of the most unusual belts ever discovered. The belt is in large encompassing sphere, rather like an Oort Cloud, than in the expected horizontal plane. Astronomers are at a loss to explain this phenomenon, though the lack of other major celestial bodies and their gravitational influence is the main hypothesis. This odd arrangement has encouraged the industrialisation of the system, and each habitat exports large amounts of TL 9-12 machinery and goods to the outside Regency. Little unifies each habitat and their populations, and the system is policed by a "let bygones be" attitude. Corporate intrusion by Imperial Era megacorps was violently resisted, and outside companies must compete for local mining and manufacturing concessions.

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