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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 3979 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin tainted by industrial pollution
Surface Water: None
Climate: Cool
Population: 3.48 Billion
Government: Charismatic Oligarchy (Interim Council)
Law Level: 12
Tech Level: 12

Bevy's oppressive government has survived almost one hundred twenty years in spite of itself. The Interim Council was elevated in a coup that ousted the old, ineffective bureaucratic government in 1073. Its members were mostly merchants and philanthropists, plus local industry titans only too happy to live without the meddling of the old government. Previously the world's living conditions had declined, and the Council promised to restore and improve them for its citizens. Some of these projects, like the Kegena colonisation program, and strong Imperial support, temporarily boosted its popularity. But an economic slump after the Fifth Frontier War and during the Civil War led to fresh outbreaks of popular dissent, and it was only the providential arrival of the Collapse that saved the government from revolution.

The economic boom in the Midway that resulted from the heavy demand for locally manufactured goods needed in support of the Quarantine eased pressures on Bevy and improved local prosperity. With further assistance from the Regency and subsector governments, the Interim Council improved its position enough that it appears to be the permanent government. The population is more interested in making money and enjoying their prosperity than in confronting the Council over its continued oppressive rule. Offworld observers have noticed that the Council has actually expanded its power at the expense of the populace, and the economy has begun to suffer as a result.

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