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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C
Diameter: 5539 Miles
Atmosphere: Borderline Dense/Standard
Surface Water: 62%
Climate: Cool
Population: 733.1 Million (150 Million+ Chirpers)
Government: Technocracy (actually an Oligarchy)
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 8

Vanejen was originally colonised by Vilani around 3600 years ago, the members of a particularly venturesome colonial group. After being cut off by the Long Night, the colony slid back into barbarism, and was not recontacted by the Third Imperium (after interdiction) until 980. Since then integration into the Imperial, then Regency mainstream has been slow. Local conditions have challenged traditional IISS/RISS world classification systems, as the atmosphere and local government are borderline systems that defy easy categorisation. The world has prolonged cold spells, which create considerable ice sheets even in temperate waters. Originally the locals navigated around these with locally produced cargo submersibles, but its advancing tech level has permitted the replacement of these with more advanced cargo and passenger dirigibles that are more flexible in their use.

Vanejen is the site of Marches' infamous Research Station Gamma. One of several psionic research facilities operated by the former Imperial government despite its own laws prohibiting such research, Gamma investigated the psionic abilities of various animal and sentient species collected from around the Imperium. Many of these were subjected to cruel experiments, and Vanejen's own Chirper population was the main source of raw material. The facility was attacked and damaged by unknown terrorists in 1106, but it wasn't until the Psionic Reforms that its purpose and perfidy were revealed. Norris himself shuttered the original facility, a submerged facility located offshore the main northern continent, and its resources and unindicted personnel were transferred to a new facility in the outback, under new management and stricter rules and guidelines. The old Gamma appears partially responsible for the decline in the local Chirper population, and Droyne observers are posted on the world to prevent further atrocities.

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