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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A
Diameter: 6229 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard tainted with heavy gases
Surface Water: 22%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 2.52 Billion
Government: Represenative Democracy
Law Level: 2
Tech Level: 13
Tech Profile: DD-DDCDF-DDDE-EE-F

Tuwayk exists in a system that possesses a high amount of asteroidal debris. The world itself once orbited much closer to its primary, but collisions with this debris pushed it into the habitable zone a scant four hundred million years ago. Simple Panspermic bacterium and viruses oppurtunistically settled the lifeless surface and atmosphere, though no advanced multicelluar life has yet evolved. Because of its inner zone genesis, the world has very little water in its crust and mantle, and most of its surface water has come by way from subsequent collisions. The atmosphere is heavily tainted with heavy gases from recent volcanic eruptions, and is classified as tainted irritant.

The world was originally settled as a mining colony, and in subsequent centuries industrial investment has slowly built up its manufacturing base. Trade travelling down the Rift Highway from Deneb to Tobia eventually replaced mineral extraction as the chief source of income, and lax local laws made the world attractive for investors looking for a tax shelter. Since it became an industrial planet in the Post-Collapse period, trillions of credits have been poured from neighboring Beaxon and nearby Lintl and Tobia into local deposits and accounts. In conjunction with the Industrial Development Program, this money has permitted a three point jump in technological improvement. Services have displaced manufacturing as the preeminent industries, and most local factories have been moved to Beaxon to take advantage of the cheaper labor there.

Tuwaykers are generally mercantile in their outlook, and oftentimes downright mercenary in their pursuits of profits. The local government is a collection of local corporations and trading cartels that own most of the local infrastructure and industry outright, but are recognised by the local charters as individual citizens. Because of the loose network nature of this arrangement, mercantile allegiance is often more important than individual rights. Local politics resemble an asylum dining hall, with debates often spilling over into frequent brawls in the popular assembly, and into full fledged street rioting, often over very small issues. These brawls actually prevent the world from being a full fledged oligarchy, as most of these are fully spontaneous with little orchestration.

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