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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 7028 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with heavey pollution
Surface Water: 72%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 5.38 Billion
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 12
Tech Profile: CC-ECCCE-EEEE-EE-F

Giranima is covered in thick tropical jungles, as most of its continents are near the equator. Huge trees up to 100 meters tall shroud the more well watered regions, concealing some of the most diverse ecosystems in Deneb. The world possesses an axial tilt of exactly 7 degrees, allowing for little seasonal variation and long growing seasons.

The original colonists were a mixture of farmers and oceanic miners who came here starting around 130. The dense forests and poor soils slowed dry land habitation to a crawl, though coastal cities built to support seafloor dredging operations grew quickly. This dichotomy is still evident today, with well developed cities seperated by vast tracts of empty wilderness. As on the almost identical world of Noghon, most food is raised at sea, though mostly these are grown in lagoons and tanks built inside the cities themselves.

Like Noghon as well, Giranima was heavily influenced by a more powerful neighbor, in this case Lilad. The oligarchic government pumped money and influence in into the local economy, virtually taking control of its markets and government. After a coup d'e tat in 635, the current oligarchic council, almost identical in format and organisation as Lilads', came to power and has ruled ever since. Unlike her patron, the Giranima oligarchs are much more fair and benevolent, and resistance to its rule has been muted. For centuries its economy was subordinated to Lilads, but that dependence was broken by its inclusion into the IDP, and the world is now economicially independent. Centuries of industrial pollution that resulted from Lilad's imported heavy industry will take centuries to remove or remediate.

The biggest threat to the world's progress had been a loose alliance of rebel insurgencies, leftover from the Crucible period, that have attempted to overthrow the government because of its 'undemocratic' practices. These groups are only loosely allied, and their expertise is doubtful, and are considered laughingstocks by offworlders because of past mistakes, blunders and miscalculations. The group has no central command or name, but offworld media has labeled them the Giranima Alliance of Freedom Fighting Entities, or GAFFE.

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