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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 1642 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 60%
Climate: Warm
Population: 535.1 Million
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 11
Tech Profile: BA-BABAA-999B-BA-F

Agdarmi is known as the Blue Marble, in reference to the forests of blue-green trees that blend in with the seas, creating a pleasantly textured tableau for the eye. "A small button of a world, blessed with good weather and pleasant climate," all of the travel guides to Zeng have repeated verbatim for centuries. The warm world is covered in dense forests, where under the lower gravity, the local trees grown into giants with trunks almost as wide at the bottom as they are tall. Because there exists little ground clearance, most of the worlds ecology has developed at the treetop levels, creating a world that indulges the sylvan memories and fantasies of most human visitors.

Agdarmi was first settled around 200, and it quickly obtained a reputation as a rest and recreation world. The high metal content in the soil, and the heavy forests made the world largely useless for normal agriculture, but the low concentration also made it virtually useless for mining operations as well. This left the local wilderness and ecology virtually untouched. Eventually starship crews and passengers passing down the Rift Highway began to go out of the way to stay on the world for longer than it was necessary, and hotels and resorts began to sprout up to cater to this growing traffic.

The first settlements grew out of the starport, offering a variety of recreational and entertainment venues. Because of the dense undergrowth, most are found near bodies of water, or within the canopy of the more massive trees. Entire towns in more remote areas look as if they stepped out of a fairytale, with spindly walkways suspended between the huge trees, with moss overgrowing the stairways and guardrails, overlooking structures that look as if they were built for creatures not human. Local wood tends to be useless for buildings and furniture after being cut, and the locals have perfected the art of sculpting trees and epiphytes into living furniture or buildings. Agdarmians seem to have absorbed their arborieal surroundings just a little too much. The locals like to say that no word for propriety exists in the local dialect. Personal property and space, privacy and self restraint are weaker concepts on a world where claustrophobia and dark imaginings are encouraged by the sylvan setting. The locals are amazingly informal with each other, to the point of rudeness in the eyes of most offworlders. Property is often communally owned, multiple or open marriages tolerated, and children from such unions create sprawling extended families. Agdarmians are given to excess in food and drink during holidays or family celebrations, and think nothing about moderation, which can lead to internal feuding and even riots during these times.

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