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by Pete Grey

Hinatanpyl was settled by colonists from Avalar around 760 as a safe containment facility for the Consulates most dangerous industries. Chemical, radiological, genetic, pharmaceutical and refining plants were constructed in huge subterranean tunnels leading from the main downport. To man these facilities, unemployed or convict labor were exported, and settled into quarters right alongside their work areas.

The world quickly obtained the reputation as a dangerous purgatory for non-conforming elements of Avalar's society. Work accidents were frequent, and the death toll due to exposure or industrial accidents was frightfully high. Because of its semi-penal nature, the main governing authority was a group of different policing agencies and paramilitary units, each of which oversaw a particular industrial sector, utility or government service.

Hard economic times in the period before the Fifth Frontier War, and declining output due to contamination of living spaces and failing systems, led to a period of strife between the various security services. A series of coups and juntas cobbled out of the different services, still battle for supremacy to this day. The current Junta is composed of forces loyal to the main electrical and water utilities, and a number of industrial concerns. Their main opposition are the air generating utility, the containment service and starport security forces.

Travel to Hinatanpyl is not advised, and it is strongly recommended that travellers that do visit the system should do their business at one of the two highports. The conflict between the various factions has created an environment of escalating paranoia and extremely uptight security on the surface. It is not uncommon for either the locals or visitors to be arrested and imprisoned on the flimsiest of pretexts, and are often subject to torture or disappearance. Various terrorist cells are operated by a few factions, and offworlders are a favorite target for attack or kidnapping.

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