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by Pete Grey

Estyske was a mini-depot for the Avalar Navy in antebellum times. While not as important as Tapsa-64 for combined military operations with the Zhodani, the local depot was necessary for the maintenance and repair of the Avalars own naval vessels. As a result of this concentration, most of the local industry was rather sophisticated.

The original depot, and eighty percent of Estyske's population, resides in a large impact basin. The depot was constructed around the central rebound spike, and the community and vital facilities and factories in a radiating ring of communities that reaches out to the walls of the basin. The remainder of the population lives in other nearby basins surrounding the main basin, working mines or tending hydroponic gardens. Sixty percent of the local industry is oriented towards the base, and much of the remainder is high-tech industry that sprang from that original contact.

Since 1140, Estyske has seen a massive influx of Regency immigrants, mostly older high-tech workers displaced on their original homeworlds by the rapid advancement of the Regency's tech level. While these workers no longer have the skills or knowledge to survive in the Regency's emerging TL-16 society, there more than good enough for the Avalar Consulate. These migrants and their descendants are common throughout the Avalar Corridor, but only on Estyske do they make up a near majority (49.7%) of the population. As such Estyske feels more like an Imperial world than an Avalar one. These migrants have been even more easily angered to provoked by the Consulates traditional reliance upon repressive policing and legal policies than their fellows, and have taken an active interest in local politics, especially in the wake of the Consulates attempt in the 1180s to disenfrancise them.

Estyske's tech level is actually a borderline 15, and will probably be relisted in another five years. The immigrants, for all of their thorniness with the local authorities, have begun to fulfill the twin promises of the immigration program: technological and commercial integration with the Regency, and the slow but sure creation of a middle class to break up the monotony of the traditional Zhodani inspired social structure.

It is also worth noting that Estyske has probably the best cuisine in all of Foreven.

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