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by Pete Grey

Milne is the pride of Harem subsector, a beautiful garden world covered with a dense atmosphere that is highly amenable to human habitation. Although a bit on the cool side, Milne quickly became the Consulate's second capitol, capitalising on its close proximity to the rest of the Avalar Corridor. The world was one of the first Chontdol systems settled in the 600s, and is often considered to be the "empress of Avalar" by the rest of the Consulate.

Because of its garden reputation, the world did not develop much heavy industry. Its main purpose was as a showcase for the Consulate, and to house the secondary functions of its government and bureaucracy. Most land on the world was divided between the ruling Venues, and the cities were mostly dependent upon light industry and agriculture for economic survival. Because of the heavy concentration of the upper classes on the world, Milne was in many ways more important than the capitol itself to the politics of the Consulate. The world developed a reputation much like that of a Prince Edward County, or Westchester, or Dorsetshire.

In the wake of the Collapse, the Regency began to pursue a new program of technological improvement for its high population worlds. On many worlds, this entailed economic hardship for workers that could not adapt their skills and lifestyles to the advancing technology. In many cases large sections of the labor force were rendered obsolete. Most of these workers either faded into obscurity, or formed strong resistance groups on some worlds in opposition to change in the period of 1130-1155. But the younger and more enterprising "outcasts" emigrated to the tune of 30-35 billion people to the Avalar Consulate or Corellian League. Many of these were actually more concerned with Virus than with economics, and were fleeing worlds on the Deeprim border.

A very large percentage were permitted to settle on Milne by the Avalar government. This was mostly done in deference to the Venues of other industrial worlds opposed to the influx of Regency money and influence, and to allow the Consulate government greater control over the emigres. But in doing so, they allowed unrestricted immigration to Milne, and the Regency community swelled till it nearly became a majority (47.1 percent of the population to be exact). The native Venues and their estates were eclipsed by a rapid explosion of Regency corporate power in the period of 1142-1166, and are now secondary to the new industrial titans that now dominate the world.

Milne has slowly outstripped nearby Tewupo in importance, and is the Consulate's largest banking center, and second largest shipbuilder. The residue from this development was invested in Avalar itself, and the capitol's development into industrial power is largely due to Milne and its corporate havens. Most Regency companies that operate in the Consulate maintain their HQs here instead of Avalar. Culturally the world is closer to the Regency than Avalar, and the Consulate has closely watched the world to see if the consequences outweigh the benefits immigration has brought.

Milne is dominated by the "Six Cities of Gold", huge arcologies each dedicated to a different industry. The local government is a coalition of represenative unions centered on these cities. The local populace has shown divided loyalties in the past between both the Consulate and the Regency, but have carefully balanced out the two.

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