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by Pete Grey

Ninox was one of the four worlds colonised from nearby Titan during its economic struggle with the Torinsk cluster. While the four worlds have remarkably similar UPPs and living conditions, they were each settled for different reasons, and have significantly different cultures and local prevailing conditions as a result. Ninox was perhaps the least valuable of the four. The world's asteroid belt was mostly silica and ice of little intrinsic value, and had few other resources worth exploiting. And Ninox being on the far side of Titan away from Torinsk, little impetus existed for the colony to be maintained, especially as the life support costs for all four were a challenge for even a rich world such as Titan to upkeep.

Ninox itself is a barren, hot world with an atmosphere too thin to breathe without mechanical assistance. Much of the world became a junkyard for Titan, who used it to store industrial wastes, or as a manufactory that handled or processed dangerous substances. It also became a dumping ground for outdated and worn out machinery, including starships. Ninoxians became highly skilled, thanks to their work in these huge "heaps" in salvage and recovery, and many were paid top credit for recovery operations for Avalar corps and the Navy.

By the 940s Titan decided to jettison Ninox to lighten the load on its treasury. The locals recieved short notice of the impending change. For many first notice of new independence came when the Highburian constabulary embarked on transports, and never returned. This cavalier treatment, so typical of Titan, engendered resentment among the locals, and it became the focus of their efforts in forming a new government. Ever since relations between Titan and her orphan daughter have been chilly and sometimes hostile.

Unfortunately, Ninox still had no industry of its own in the wake of independence, and was forced to take Titan's leavings for itself. The one small advantage Ninox had was the massive solar output of Killumina, its F7II primary, and with Titan money solar powered factory satellites were placed in the inner zone to take full advantage of the cheap energy. These facilities were constructed with TL-9 and 10 standards and equipment, and mostly produced TL 6-10 products for export. These facilities were moderately, though not extravagantly profitable, and the local population enjoyed a meager yet comfortable lifestyle. The only blemish was the continued sulleness of the locals for their Titan employers, and the resentment at the complicity of the local police and security services in protecting their property.

Ironically, the demise of Titan's old government in its Civil War was a boon for Ninox. Before, a good portion of their factories profit had been sent back to Titan. In the wake of the War's outbreak the Ninox government nationalised the factories, assisted by secured financing from several Regency immigrant groups. While the market for mid-tech goods has slumped in recent years, and as spare parts for the factories have become hard to come by in spite of the locals skills, the world has continued to prosper. Mostly because of its efforts in salvage and recovery operations in devastated regions of Titan, and its assistance of certain Titan city-states in effecting their recovery. Unlike Pudimon, the Ninox government and their salvage teams have been completely above-board, and have used the resulting goodwill to acquire new industry.

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