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by Pete Grey

Gothe is one of the Sisters' newest colonised worlds. Only settled in the period just prior to the Fifth Frontier War, it seemed that the project was something of a white elephant. The Ministry of Colonisation pushed it only as a pawn on the bureaucratic chessboard back at Capitol, and as a defiant gesture towards the Third Imperium's enemies. Otherwise the world had few redeeming qualities. Its poverty and confinement to primitive domed cities led to the creation of a restrictive bureaucratic government under the Ministry's supervision, and rather draconian laws reminsicent of Quhaiathat's (which see).

The Quarantine proved to be the world's savior. It became the main J-1 connecter from the main port at Mirriam and traffic moving along the main Spin Main trade routes from Raschev (Foreven 3230) and Emape. A massive RQS presence was soon stationed to inspect traffic coming across the border, and had the perverse effect of both strengthening and complicating the world governments power.

With the demise of the Ministry of Colonisation, the government has felt the fiscal sting of going it alone without outside assistance. It plays a double game, supporting the RQS to the hilt, often demanding an expansion of its presence on the world in excess even of the massive bivouac it already maintains, all with the purpose of creating a steady income stream for the world and its inhabitants. But most of the money ends up with the government, who trickles it out to maintain public support.

The highest ministers are quite corrupt, and they have a finger in every enterprise that caters to either the RQS or the port. Because of the constant stream of traffic, they can impose higher port fees, and hassle incoming ship crews with unnecessary bureaucratic meddling until a bribe is paid. The paucity with which money is doled out by the local ministries, and the larcenous behavior of high officials, often encourages lower ranking officials and the average gentlebeing in the street to emulate their betters and even try to outdo them in graft and gouging. It has been remarked that most local law enforcement is bent towards either of two goals: collecting bribes or supressing groups that compete with them for bribes.

The shamelessness of this customary venality is summed up in a popular local joke: "Regency Express: You didn't leave home without it?"

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