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by Pete Grey

Wonstar was settled around 650 by one of two groups of colonists intent upon putting the Imperial mainstream as far behind them as possible. They desired for a simpler life freed from the rigid control and constrained horizons of industrial and urban society, a life of getting back to the land and working it for personal and communal betterment. One group made its way to Wonstar, and the other settled on Karin. Both experienced similar results, as their "live free or die" ideology prompted them to put aside "confining" concepts such as the rule of law and the role of the courts in favor for ole fashioned frontier violence. Karin actually degenerated into anarchy, prompting the Imperial Navy to occupy and administer the world to protect the naval base and retain Imperial control, and maybe prevent the violence.

Wonstar was equally contentious, the result of bloody fueds between rival families that controlled much of the worlds economic base. Low law levels and no enforcement against smugglers created an unimpeded flow of arms to local militias. Despite the nominal unity of the government, power flowed from the gun barrel, and most disputes were settled with violence rather than through negotiation or the courtroom. The planet has an effective represenative Assembly, which maintains order despite frequent gunplay. What laws that do exist, and are enforced by the world police and military, exist to limit and ritualise violent confrontation.

The world's code duello isn't actually a formal duelling code so much as a list of rules of engagement. Ambushes, assasinations and other underhanded tactics are permitted, as long as collateral damage is limited. Fighting in cities is allowed under extraordinary circumstances. Engagements are permitted only in certain locales, under a limited duration, with clear signals for the declaration of victory or the acceptance of defeat. The level of weaponry allowed to the local militias were never to exceed the firepower of the world military, an enforcement backed by the local Imperial/Regency Marine contingent.

The locals violent tendencies led to the world's former Amber rating, which was removed after the Regency was convinced that they weren't hurting anyone besides themselves. While most of the population, as on Emape, goes armed in public, most guns are simply for decoration purposes rather than actual self defense. The locals do not abide random violence, and people without any dispute to prosecute that violate this peace quickly find themselves transported to work camps as punishment.

The world is still like the wild west, and its gunslingers have been supplemented by carpetbaggers taking advantage of the lax laws for their own schemes. The world is a center of a number of offshore enterprises, again like Emape. Unlike their counterparts, however, the violent ends that many would be cheats and scoundrels often come to on this world has a way of deterring egregious fraud and larceny.

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