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by Pete Grey

Regency wags like to say that, if the Five Sisters are the Regency Austrailia, then Iderati is the Regency Canberra. Canberra was the capitol of the ancient Terran nation of Austrailia, and by all surviving accounts was a place so boring that it was the self- described "sleep therapy capital of the world." Native Ideratians dispute this as a matter of pride. Their world is safe and quiet, and lacks the hurly-burly and sully industry of Karin or Mirriam.

It is true that the world is more park than community, more resort than industrial center. Iderati was originally settled in 413 by the Imperial Navy to take advantage of its habitable climate and rich resources for fleet resupply and recreation. When District 267 became an official Imperial subsector, the world was made the capitol, and the 208th Fleet established its Headquarters here. Iderati owed, even more than Mirriam or any other Five Sisters world, its existence to the Navy. Off duty naval personnel used the world as their main R&R facility. Navy and Marine families had a marked preferrence for the world over the Sister's other naval systems. Naval repair and support facilities became the world's primary industry.

In accordance with the Navy's wishes, and their own desire for privacy, the Dukes of Iderati discouraged settlement by making most of the world a conservancy under the strict oversight of the Navy and its supporting bureaucracy. Eventually this bureaucracy was spun off to become the current world government. Like many military posts, the locals and their officials are rather conservative, and many openly disparage the "gunslinger" economic cultures of worlds like Wonstar and Mirriam.

Environmental laws are rather strict, and economic development is confined to the just a small number of urban and commercial areas. Eighty percent of the world is almost virgin wilderness, that is heavily patrolled by the world's police, the Outback Rangers. Despite this oversight, hunting, fishing and camping are encouraged, and no area of the world is offlimits to intelligent intrusion, as long as environmental regulations are followed. The world's amenities are very well developed, especially health care and education, to keep social peace and contentment, and to prevent social strife from spilling over into the outback.

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