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Spinward Hinters Realm

by Pete Grey

A Realm is a geographic term used to collectively refer to a region of territory or space that is distinct from a another region on the basis of a dominating culture, economy and political climate.

Within the region previously known as "Behind the Claw", seven distinct realms exist: Regency, Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan Main, Hinters, Shadow and the Frontier. Corridor, if it had survived Virus, would have qualified for inclusion into the Regency or Vargr realms. The first three are self explanatory; the Aslan Main refers to Aslan mainstream within Trojan Reach sector, where the Hierate has been less fractured by growing cultural and political dissension. The Shadow is in reference to those client states within Far Frontiers, coreward Vanguard Reaches and Yiklerzdanzh sectors that are heavily impacted by their close proximity to the Zhodani Consulate. The Frontier is unincorporated worlds, or non-aligned polities in Iphegenaia, Fulani and Theta Borealis sectors, many of which existed only since the 1140s. No strict borders exist between these realms; rather transition zones of cultural and political mixing occur where most of them meet.

The Hinters realm is centered upon Beyond Sector, and the fluid, fractious polities and racially mixed communities that dominate it. The realm includes all of Beyond Sector, Aslan territory in neighboring Touchstone; The Avalar Consulate and the subsectors that contain it in Foreven; Menorial and Yggrdrasil subsectors in Trojan Reach, and the trailing half of Vanguard Reaches sector (subsectors D, F-H, K-L and P.) Transition zones exist along the Florian League interface, Five Sisters/Urnian/Reidan, the trailing Aslan territories in TS and Beyond, and along VRs core-rim bisector.

The realms main distinction is the fluidity of communal, political and economic groupings. The population is an eclectic mix of Solomani, Aslan, Imperials and local minor races with significant minorities of Zhodani and Droyne. Most of these groups have a history of communal violence, but are currently too intermingled to replicate the "Cold Wars" of nearby Far Frontiers sector. Communal mixing is abetted by weak states and tepid national identities.

Most of the regions political organisations are transnational, divided between Corellian, Aslan, Avalaran and "Enterprise" spheres of control. Corell dominates chiefly, controlling the Union of Meizirn, most of trailing Vanguard Reaches, and a number of systems wedged between it and the Aslan. The Aslan have conquered most of the rim interface, and has significant communities within Corellian and Garronean space. Avalar controls most of the coreward interface, particularly the Katanga Empire; and most of its surrouding space. The Enterprise is a transnational group consisting of the Federation of Garrone, Marrekesh Trade League and many independent nexus-states along the trailing Mortal Coil, down into the Aslan interface. The Regency and Florians are independent powers, the former controlling the so-called "Approaches" of Reidan and Urnian in Foreven, Menorial in the Reach, and the Five Sisters/Daryen interface.

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