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by Pete Grey

"Yelim" is Te-Zlodh for "pioneer." The world was terraformed by pre-Maghiz Darrians to increase the worlds surface atmospheric pressure, and a slight, still extant sulfuric taint is evidence of those efforts. Yelim was settled for its extensive mineral resources, and to provide additional agricultural resources for the homeworld and the other colonies.

The world was isolated by the Maghiz, and was lucky enough that most of the terraformation process was complete when the EM wave from Tanis arrived, so there was no loss of life due to the planets uninhabitability. By the time the world was recontacted by Mire, it had developed extensive agricultural regions, and the world was instrumental in aiding the recovery of the Confederation through its export of cheap foodstuffs.

Yelim is dominated by a small council of industrial landlords, mostly corporate executives that control most of the planets industry and agricultural land. The world's law level is pretty low, and the council doesn't govern much beyond guaranteeing its monopoly over the planets economic base. Below these lords, a complicated pyramid of local suzerains and chieftains handle administrative affairs, seeing to the needs of the common citizens with only some outside support.

The world is only a few decades away from becoming an industrial world in its own right. The local government has encouraged this growth through careful investment, and occaisonal invitations to outside companies to set up plant and join the governing council. Since the Collapse a number of outside firms have had this honor extended to them: LSP, General Products, Prynde Metals, Grand Design, Oberlindes and Spinakker. Yelim has also become very heavily concentrated in the manufacture of TL 9-11 vehicles and transportation components, and heavy military products as well. The government hopes to intensify this activity by increasing the local technological base to construct the higher TL goods that are in more demand within the Confederation and the Regency.

A number of obstacles have arisen to upset these plans. Several ecological groups have objected to the scope of these plans, and they have a significant base of support among the locals who fear that the planet will become an industrial eyesore. On the opposite side, the industrial expansion has tested the councils control over the planet, as development and increasing prosperity has brought in groups of outsiders, from company execs to the new and growing middle class, that has challenged the councils tightfisted control over life on the planet.

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