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by Pete Grey

Nosea is just as it says: "No Sea." While the world is easily accesible to j-1 trade ships coming down the Spinward Main, it was not settled by the pre-Maghiz Darrians as a colony, and its name originated in the disgusted reports sent back by Sword World scouts din reference to its lack of refueling sources in the system. Despite its UPP listing, nearly all of Nosea's surface water is locked up in the world's extensive ice caps. A mere five to seven percent of its water exists in free liquid form, in concentrations too small to satisfy even the smallest jump capable ship.

This lack of refueling sources enabled the rebuilding Confederation to use the world as a natural chokepoint in limiting commercial and military access. A massive military base was constructed in system, that served to both deter aggression by the Sword Worlders, and as a launching pad for punitive operations when their neighbors did act up. Eventually the base became the Confed Navy's main training facility, responsible for nearly eighty percent of its basic and MOS training.

This heavy military presence is the world's main source of income, as most of the population is employed in some base related function. After the Collapse, the Regency Navy was invited to share the facility for crosstraining between them and the DCN. The base has been expanded into a full operating Regency naval base, even though the Confeds are still in nominal command. Nosea is a major major manufactory of the shared Barekdoldin design (actually, just a few are built here to create the impression it is).

Nosea is governed by a specially apointed council of retired or detached duty DCN officers, selected by the Naval Command. This council runs the world in the brutal manner of a prison camp, and security is tight to the point of smothering. Nosea's function is training, and Darrian military training is severe and heavily controlled because of the dichotomy of civilized violence inherent to military service and the dilemma it poses to mainstream Darrian society.

Unfortunately, the physical and mental discipline that recruits are subjected is rubbed off by the Council, and extended to every corner of life on Nosea. Military personnel of all ranks must adhere to the same code of regulations and conduct as recruits, which isn't much of a problem for them. But civilian personnel are subject to full military regs as well, and also have to run the gauntlet of intrusive security services running constant surveillance over their personal lives, and who launch random interrogations of unsuspecting workers. This "philosophical fascism" has irritated the civilian population for decades, and has become worse since the adoption of the Quarantine.

Base security prevents any actions more substantive than silent protests and petitions to Mire about specific treatment. For the most part the Navy and its administration prevail, and the civiians are left to simmer in their frustration. The Regency's presence has further complicated the situation. Regency naval personnel have their own enclave on the planet, and are subject only to their own Uniform Code within its boundaries, which is a lot more lenient than the local regulations. Outside of their own boundaries these personnel become subject to the same onerous rules as everyone else, but diplomacy requires that the Council be lenient, or as they put it, "understanding" to their allies. Needless to say, this has polarised Nosea into strictly pro and anti-military camps.

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