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by Pete Grey

Roget was first settled by the pre-Maghiz Darrians around -1375. The world was perfectly situated within their comfort zone, and it had abundant potential for agriculture. Within the next three hundred years Damu, as it was then known, had attained a population of about ten million, and its foodstuffs were in high demand on Daryen and its neighbors. It's proximity to the homeworld made it an early casualty of the Maghiz shockwave, and the world regressed back to a TL of 5. Because of its export dominated market, the locals were suddenly very poor, and forced to rely upon local subsistence for their survival. A schism resulted that divided the world into several mini-states, and a slow population die-back resulted from the growing isolationism that seperated these states.

Roget was the second world to be recontacted by Mire in -275. By that time the population was barely half of what it was before the Maghiz, and the various nations were so badly divided that recovery was nearly impossible. While quickly readmitted to the restored Confederation, its reconstruction was not a high priority, and the world languished while its neighbors effected their own reconstruction. The remaining Darrian population saw an increase in their numbers, thanks to improved health care and some offworld immigration, yet they remained bitterly balkanised and utterly incapable of helping themselves, and this attitude caused other Darrian worlds to heap scorn and indifference upon them.

When the First Frontier War erupted in 589, the Darrian military was in a poor position to fight it. While the Confederation Navy was quite competent, the ground forces were inadequate to the task of fighting Zhodani and Sword Worlder forces, and a number of battles were lost due to their deficient performance. The answer to the problem came from an unlikely source. A number of Aslan Ihatei had come across the Great Rift with the intent of serving the combatants in exchange for land of their own. A Darrian delegation met with several of Ihatei groupments, and struck a deal that offered Darrian territory in return for their permanent loyalty to the Confederation.

The deal was accepted, and four Aslan clans, the Eeakyo, Ftoaliy'ktai, Oakteiyetlaw and the Yeyuteil, immediately commited their forces against the Outworld Coalition, and then against the Sword Worlders. So successful were these troops that the Confederation expanded their reward, giving them Damu, now renamed Roget ("Gift") as recognition of their sacrifices against their enemies. The decrepit human states were abolished, and the surviving Darrian population were made vassals of their new Aslan overlords. The world has been a home to increasing numbers of Aslan Ihatei ever since, and a source for most of the Confederations most elite infantry and special forces units.

The Aslan population of Roget shows the least signs of integration into the Confederation, and are considered to be "Other Aslan" by their fellows in the Hierate. The Four Clans have been unanimous in upholding, as faithfully as possible, the traditional Aslan cultural and honor codes, and this loyalty has tested their bond to the Confederation at times. Many other non-Rogetian Aslan have spurned this cultural loyalty, and have integrated fully into Darrian society, and controversy with the Roget Aslan has been a frequent occurence. Younger members of the Four Clans have been unmindful and downright contemptous of the polite, nonviolent nature of Darrian society, and were vocally supportive of other Aslan Ihatei during the Imperial Civil War period.

Nevertheless, the taint of Darrian culture has increasingly sharpened the distinction between the Four Clans and their brethren, and Te-zlodh has increasingly supplanted Trokh as the language of business and day-to-day life, especially among lower class Rogetian Aslan.

Roget's economy recovered quickly after it was given over to the Aslan, and it currently is the Confederation's largest food producer. It's food surplus has been a major reason for the governments tolerance of the most egregious Aslan behavior in the past. The world's main export is grain for shipment to Yelim and Daryen itself, and enough income is generated for nearly the entire population to be prosperous. Other markets have been slow to develop, and the Four Clans have shown disinterest in new economic development.

The Four Clans are actually four different governments, with little in common other than a Tlaukhu-like body to remedy problems and intervene in disputes. The entire world, save for the starport, is divided between them, down to the lowliest human. Passage between these territories is strictly controlled, and permission must be granted by a tao at the least. The power sharing agreement enforces parity among the clans, with no clear dominance by just one. Their relations with Mire and their own Daryen vassals have been more lopsided. Generally, the human population has preferred the Oakteiyetlaw clan, even though this clan has been the most conservative in its outlook. The Confederation government has quietly preferred Eeakyo in its dealings, but has been careful to keep that support covert, fearing the consequences that would occur from disclosure.

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