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UWP Update

by Pete Gray

This is an interpretive update of UWP data in RSB. This is chiefly to explain changes in data that occured between 1117 and 1202. This section covers the coreward portion of the Regency Spinward Marches. Specifically Regency worlds in Jewell, Regina, Aramis, Vilis, Lanth and Rhylanor Subsectors.

This data has been confined to the Regency in light of the major impact of major events like the Abandonment, Fait Accompli and the Representational Reforms. The format goes by subsector, broken down into individual world entries, which are further divided by 1117 and 1202 UPP data, followed by brief comments on the reason or mechanism of change, and in some cases a brief explanation for its current conditions.

Much of this data comes from GURP Traveller's Behind the Claw sourcebook. My thanks to our dear Martin Dougherty for clarification and his helpful comments regarding that book. All of this data, he assures me, is congruent with Regency Sourcebook, and can be used with little modification.

Code Data for Notes
Ab Abandonment (either emigration or immigration)
CD Colonial Development
EC Representational Reform Escape Clause
FA Fait Accompli
GA Government (Regency) Action
RR Representational Reform Referendum
** Other

Jewell Subsector

Subsector Notes: The Regency portion of Jewell is part of the old Spinward Frontier, a region typified by strong conservatism, sharp patriotism, and a strongly engrained loyalty to established authority. Unlike Regina Subsector, Jewell suffered a handful of government changes, but none of them were due to the Representational Reforms.

Population (1117/1202): 18.0 Billion/30.4 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.5/11.2
Senate Contingent: 62


1117: C565673-8
1202: B565866-A GA

Esalin's Imperial and Zhodani cultural enclaves were united under Regency military control in 1150. The world has a very visible psionic presence, albeit under heavy military supervision.


1117: B592655-A
1202: B592677-B **

Lysen's technocratic government collapsed amidest a series of major bribery scandals in the 1170s. Several communities seceded, and formed seperate nations. The world's downport is itself a sovereign nation, albeit non-aligned with any major factions.


1117: D322A88-8
1202: C322A78-A **

Louzy's government broke apart in 1148 after a dispute over mining claims led to a brief flare up of "tribal warfare" between the militia's of two seperate settlements. The world government's response to the crisis was slow and inept, and several other communities joined the two contending factions. A three way division currently prevails, though one of these factions is showing signs of further devolution.

Regina Subsector:

Subsector Notes: Regina has enjoyed exactly zero government changes. Which is not suprising given its location and history. Strongly patriotic to begin with, several of the subsector's worlds have become absolutely insufferable since Norris first became Regent. Regina currently possesses the largest number of industrial worlds of any subsector, and may gain three more (Wochiers, Alell and Feri) in the next century. And thanks to its unusual population distribution, it also possesses the largest Senate contingent of any subsector, a fact that adds further insult to injury to subsectors already impatient with Regina's overstuffed sense of importance. In retaliation, other regions seize upon its backward tech levels, snidely comparing it to the three point advantage of it's "rural" neighbor, Aramis subsector. This has led to the derogatory moniker "ploughboy" referring to native Reginans.

Population (1117/1202): 63.7 Billion/69.0 Billion. (doesn't include Algine/Regina)
Industrial Worlds: 7 (8 if Algine is counted)
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 8.3/8.9
Senate Contingent: 205

Aramis Subsector:

Subsector Notes: Aramis suffered from large incursions of Vargr Corsairs during the Civil War. The Domain of Deneb had been making some progress in rooting out these freebooters, when the Collapse made it moot. As such the subsector has more than its share of Fait Accompli worlds. Without the FA, Aramis shares the same degree of political continuity as other Spinward Frontier subsectors. Only three worlds enjoyed government changes otherwise, and two of these were for external reasons. Junidy is the sole exception, and is due to the prevailing victory of the Llewyoelly minor race in a referendum in 1159.

Population(1117/1202):32.7 Billion/ 44.0 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 8.7/12.4
Senate Contingent: 132


1117: A655241-9
1202: A655333-B **

Paya was reclassified by the Ministry of Interior to better reflect the reality of its society.


1117: X895674-8
1202: E895552-5 **

During the antebellum period, Corfu's population was stricken with a virulent pathogen known as the Corfu Claw Virus. While not possessing a high lethality rate, the disease was quite debilitating to its sufferers, and the Scout Service interdicted the world to prevent offworld transmission. In 1117, researches at the University of Rhylanor developed a vaccine, and the interdiction was raised to amber in 1119. Of course that was the year that the Vargr first invaded Aramis, and the world lost considerable population to evacuation. The world is still an Amber Zone, as offworld visitors must still be vaccinated against the virus.


1117: C669452-A
1202: C6697A5-A FA

Violante was invaded by Kforuzeng allied forces in 1119, and these were still present when the world was declared Fait Accompli in 1132. The ruling human nobles cut a deal with the corsairs that created a joint power structure. The conflict caused the abandonment of several estates, and these were sold to human and Vargr refugees fleeing Virus. In recent years, these new immigrants have chafed against the governments tight controls over economic development, and guerilla fighting has erupted in certain regions, prompting Regency intervention. The divisions on the world are primarily class oriented, with poorer immigrant Vargr and Humans allied against the joint Human/Vargr power structure.


1117: C775300-7
1202: B7756A5-8 FA

Jesedipere was the sight of bitter Domain-Vargr fighting during the Civil War. In the aftermath of the Collapse, a large influx of Vargr refugees settled the the otherwise empty world.


1117: B657974-6
1202: B65799B-A **

Aramanx was a source of bitter contention between antebellum period megacorps Ling Standard and Sternmetal. Each company backed a particular faction that then proceeded to wage a civil war in the period immediately before the beginning of the Fifth Frontier War. The conflict was temporarily postponed by the Zhodani, and then again by Vargr invasions of 1118-19, but resumed in 1122. The Collapse saw the megacorps withdraw their support, and the previously Ling Standard backed nation of Lanax seized the initiative and overwhelm its opposition. Aramanx was originally settled by pacifists from Deneb sector, and the world has reverted back to its original plan; weapons of any kind are banned from the surface.


1117: BAC5634-A
1202: BAC5789-B FA

Rugbird was occupied by Kforuzeng forces during the Civil War. This caused a major portion of the human population to flee safeside, and the corsairs moved a large number of dependents and support personnel into the vacated orbital habitats. The corsairs suffered a major defeat in 1124, and the system was retaken by Domain naval forces. The now stranded Vargr were permitted to remain in their adopted homes, and began to take an active role in their new community.


1117: B434ABD-9
1202: A434AEE-D RR

Junidy is home to the Llellewyoly minor race, otherwise known as the Dandies or Dandelions. In antebellum times, their homeworld was dominated by a succession of governments formed by the minority human population. Nearly all of these discriminated against the Llellewyoly, restricting their freedoms, and relegating them to second class status. In the period between the last two Frontier Wars, an armed resistance movement composed of Llellewyoly radicals and some sympathetic humans waged a low level guerilla and sabotage war against the most recent government, a conflict that carried over into the Civil War period. Vargr corsairs assisted the guerillas, but were unable to dislodge the junta. In the aftermath of the Collapse, the conflict cooled down to a simmer, as the world's location on the border with the Vargr Splinters, and its inclusion in the Industrial Development Program took attention away the issue. The IDP, with its equal oppurtunity clauses, unwittingly undid the junta's authority, and a majority of the human population sided with Llellewyoly moderates during the Representational Reform referendum. The strict government that now rules Junidy is a dual structure: a religious autocracy for the indigenous population, and a civil service bureaucracy for the human population.

(One further note: Junidy is the first Spinward Marches world to finally exceed the limits of the old CT world generation system.)


1117: B582211-8
1202: B582468-A **

Natoko was originally a corporate fief of Tukera Lines, which maintained it as its primary maintenance and refit center in the subsector. The bankruptcy of Tukera following the Collapse caused it to be seized by one of the company's chief surviving shareholders, in this case the Marquis of Aramis. Despite the Repesentational Reforms, the Marquis seat is still in existence, and the current holder still maintains the world as his property. But with the demise of Tukera, the Marquis was forced to open up the world to other outside development. The old Tukera facility has been expanded and opened to outside traffic, and the world has become an important connector for trade moving to the Vargr Splinters from Rhylanor and Sabine subsectors.

Vilis Subsector:

Subsector Notes: Vilis has enjoyed a number of major changes since the Collapse, in spite of its position in the Spinward Frontier. This is mostly due to the independence of Tanoose, and the jockeying that occured between the Regency and the Federation of Arden in the period immediately after the imposition of the Quarantine. Vilis is still a remote backwater subsector compared to old Imperial norm, but it has attracted a considerable amount of trade with Foreven and the region around the Zhodani frontier.

Population(1117/1202):9.8 Billion/ 16.7 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.7/10.7
Senate Contingent: 118


1117: C200100-9
1202: B200322-A CD

Another world to benefit from trade through the Four Corners region. Choleosti was a popular stopover point for Zhodani merchants travelling through Querion. While this trade was minor, it did attract a small population that catered to this rare instance of cultural exchange.


1117: C575677-6
1202: C575787-7 **

Margesi was originally divided between two feuding governments. Sword World invasion forces attempted to seize the world during the Landgrab of 1132, and were able to seize a large foothold in the no man's land between the two states. While Regency forces eventually dispatched the encroachers, the two governments and their populations were mortified by their own inability during the crisis. The two governments pooled their resources into a combined starport authority, and unitary military. These combined efforts were rewarded by the revenue generated as more and more ships used the Four Corners interface for trade to spinward. The starport authority's responsibility was progressively expanded to the entire planet, and became the main government in 1173.


1117: B978868-A
1202: A978987-B RR

Tanoose is previously described in Regency Sourcebook.


1117: E400220-5
1202: E400220-9 GA

Formerly known as Edinina. In the wake of the Federation of Arden's refusal to sign the Spinward Accords, the Regency was compelled to annex several worlds in Vilis subsector to fortify its frontier. Edna is a boring world with few reasons to visit, though the scouts and the military often use its local gas giant, Laughable, for manuevers and training.

Port Anselm

1117: D955000-2
1202: C955300-8 CD

Formerly known as 728-907. The world was claimed by the Third Imperium to forestall annexation by other powers, namely the Federation of Arden.


1117: E446845-6
1202: C4469BC-9 **

Arkadia was plagued by an inefficient democratic government that spent as much of its time debating minor issues of parliamentary procedure as it did governing. In 1138, the planetary military staged a coup against the planetary assembly, and installed a junta in its place. While initially unpopular, the new government was much more efficient, and even attracted a number of offworld manufacturing concerns. The subsequent prosperity and increase in population has allayed resistance, and the junta survived the Representational Reforms relatively intact.

Tremous Dex

1117: B511411-C
1202: B511557-C GA

Anger at Arden's recalcitrance instigated the Regency takeover of this world in 1132. The corporate government of Tremous Dex had been increasingly at loggerheads with the Federation, and declared its allegiance to the Regency after secret negotiations with the Foriegn Ministry. Relations between this world and its former neighborss are very chilly, and ships registered from this world are barred from the Federation.


1117: E472300-8
1202: D472464-8 GA

Disease-ridden Mirriam was placed under military control after the Quarantine. The system's naval base had been a strategically important facility during the Frontier Wars, and the Regency wanted to prevent the installment of Arden associated terrorists and rabble rousers within the population. The world is not a popular duty station for naval personnel.


1117: X3437C7-2
1202: E3437C7-4 **

Asgard was supposedly interdicted by the Third Imperium to protect its primitive human culture from offworld contact. In reality it was a regressed Sword World colony interdicted at the behest of a number of Imperial commercial interests looking to exploit the low tech labor pool for its own purposes. If Asgard was really interdicted, skeptical parties were often wont to ask in the Antebellum period, then why were a sizeable amount of its handmade textiles and implements available, at exorbitant prices, in the most exclusive stores of the Domain? The Regency government ended the world's interdiction in the 1130s, and has slowly uplifted the local culture into the interstellar mainstream. Asgardians are very contented with their place in the universe, in direct contrast to their Sword World brethren.


1117: B567000-7
1202: B567642-D CD

Tavonni was opened to colonial development in the early years of the Civil War. The world was the sight of major fighting with Sword World guerillas in 1132.


1117: C887624-8
1202: C887645-8 RR

Phlume's government change was instigated by immigrant merchants fed up with their indigenous neighbors dilatory attitudes towards offworld contact. These merchants used a slyly worded referendum that divested the previous government's power into a handpicked assembly of their cronies. The local population has taken severe umbrage at this trickery, and a low level war of sabotage and intimidation has taken root.

Lanth Subsector:

Subsector Notes:Lanth lies in the transition zones of several regions: the Old Frontier to spin and coreward, the Midway in trailing, and the Regency Hub to rim. Lanth remains a backwater, though at least a couple of its worlds, Treece and Equus, will attain high population status sometime in the next century

Population (1117/1202): 0.9 Billion/ 1.6 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 0 Mean Tech Level (1117/1202): 8.8/9.7
Senate Contingent: 131


1117: B211455-A
1202: A211560-C GA

The original government was replaced by a new naval administration after the relocation of the 88th Fleet. The local populace revolted against this loss of autonomy in 1134, and the navy ever since has been content with leaving the civilian populace unmolested. The startown is heavily patrolled by naval shore police, but they are only empowered with arresting offduty service personnel. All legal enforcement ulitmately ends up with the local (and overworked) MoJ office.


1117: X587552-4
1202: D587646-6 **

Ylaven was colonised by an old Solomani STL mission sometime in the Long Night. When first discovered by IISS, the population had regressed to pre-industrial levels, and the world was interdicted. Despite slow scientific progress, the locals managed to finally reach TL-5 in 1150, and RISS successfully contacted them in 1154. Despite severe cultural gaps with their neighbors, the Ylavenites have slowly adjusted, in large part aided by their remote location. The world's economy is dominated by farms that provide food products for naval bases on nearby Ghandi and D'Ganzio.


1117: E9C4547-8
1202: E9C4687-9 RR

When the Regency undertook the Psionic Reforms, it had to declassify its research facility on Wypoc. The new government code reflects a change made in 1186, in the wake of growing demands on local infrastructure made by the population.


1117: D232866-8
1202: D2328A6-8 RR

This poverty stricken world was most notable for its export of gallowglass troops for use by interested factions in the Imperial government, or by anyone that could afford their services. When the market for mercs imploded in the Post-Collapse period, the world subsisted upon remittances sent home by the large Treecian contingent in the military and Quarantine Service. The world gained its independence in 1162, percieving that Inthe was stealing a good portion of this money for its own use.


1117: C53A313-A
1202: C53A434-A **

A Rule of Man colony. Echiste was recontacted by the IISS in 909, and slowly opened to development. This was complicated by the emigration of most of the original population to other nearby worlds, leaving only a small group to salvage the place. The Echiste corporation managed to attract mining development, and the current government is composed of the company's leadership.


1117: C100576-A
1202: C100644-9 RR

Rhise had been long divided between warring factions intent on monopolising the world's scarce water resources. An especially nasty world war in the 1080s nearly included the use of weapons of mass destruction, and that trip to the brink of extinction was an epiphany for the locals. Over the course of the 12th century, the feuding governments have devolved their power to a new planetary council with complete authority over the military and the badly needed water.


1117: C564112-4
1202: C564223-6 CD

La'Belle was owned by Spinward Development, which abandoned the world in 1130, selling their claim to interested colonists from Skull/Lanth (SM 2418). The world's cold climate has prevented wider development.


1117: B5245A9-7
1202: B5245C8-9 GA

Icetina's severely disfunctional junta attracted Domain Marine intervention in 1125. After a quick if bloody battle, the junta was liquidated, and was replaced with a more amenable council of loyal Domain lackeys. Another coup dislodged this corrupt bunch in 1133, and a new popular council has been in power ever since.


1117: CA6A643-9
1202: CA6A654-9 **

Ice covered Cogri disestablished its representational government shortly after the Collapse in an effort to attract more trade.

Rhylanor Subsector

Subsector Notes:The terminus of the old Imperial trade route, running from Vland, now known as the Midway. Suprisingly, Rhylanor had a number of undeveloped worlds, as a result of industrial dominance. A number of these worlds have been opened to new commercial development since the Collapse.

Population(1117/1202):36.5 Billion/ 54.7 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 5 Mean Tech Level (1117/1202): 11.6/13.5
Senate Contingent: 169


1117: C483103-6
1202: C483454-9 CD

This strange world was opened up to colonisation in the late 1130s. Settlements are primarily scattered ranches and truck farms.


1117: E9C5677-7
1202: D9C5577-7 **

Pannet was once divided between three different groups: one corporate, one governmental (Imperial Ministry of Colonialisation) and a group of accidental colonists stranded here some five hundred years ago. The corporate colonists frequently waged war with their neighbors over resources, but were sent packing after their Core based bosses were exterminated by Virus.


1117: A674210-D
1202: A674478-D CD

Fulacin was originally settled as a forward supply base by Zhodani Tozjabr agents that had infiltrated the Imperial corp Magnetodynamics (see Adventure 3: Twilight's Peak). The enclave was liquidated by Imperial forces in 1105, and the surviving facilities were sold to Spinward Development Corp.. The company in turn sold mining rights to several offworld concerns, and the planet is divided between a dozen or so corporate enclaves clustered around the old downport (which is still known as "Uncle Joe's Folly").


1117: C86A215-7
1202: C86A415-9 CD

Owned by Spinward Development. The world has been slow to develop, despite its amenable nature, owing to a longstanding bureaucratic dispute internal to the company, and the usual difficulty of opening up a water world to outside development.


1117: E365432-5
1202: D365582-7 Ab/RR

Valhalla was the result of some demented sense of humor. Its original culture was modelled upon ancient Norse society, down to its nordic nobility and Viking traditions. Of course such a contrived government didn't really work. Immigration by Abandonment refugees tilted the balance of power in favor of the increasingly disaffected populace, and a referendum changed the government in 1165.


1117: B864310-8
1202: A864543-A CD

Nutema was purchased by Spinward Development in 1103. Unlike Loneseda, Nutema has been an unqualified success. The current community has been in existence since 1140.


1117: A576257-C
1202: A576557-D Ab

This lightly populated world attracted a sizeable population in the wake of the Abandonment.

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