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UWP Update 3

by Pete Gray

This section summarises UPP changes in Cronor, Querion and Non-Regency territory in Jewell and Vilis Subsectors.

Code Data for Notes
Ab Regency Abandonment Immigration
AD Federation of Arden Colonial Adjustments
CD Colonial Development
FA Fait Accompli
GA Government Action
RR Representational Reform Referendum
VC Vilis Covenant
VI Vargr Immigration
ZE Zhodani Exodus
** Other

Cronor Subsector

Cronor Subsector has seen only a few minor changes since 1132. While immigration has swelled the local population, no mechanism exists to permit the kind of government changes seen in the Regency. One interesting development, however, has been the annexation of unassimilated Non-Zhodani systems, including several former Imperial colonies that were conquered during the Second and Third Frontier Wars. Worlds like Narval and Whenge have retained their culture with little or no interference by the Zhodani Tavrchedl. No one in the Regency, at least publicly, admits knowing or understanding the reasons for this permissiveness, and the situation has been watched very closely by the Regency Trinity and other intelligence services. Unlike many Zhodani border subsectors, Cronor has shown a willingness to trade with its neighbors, perhaps because of the locals accustomisation with Non-Zhodani. Unfortunately that openess has attracted billions of ragged, scared Zhodani refugees fleeing the inexplicable situation in the Zhodani Core, and has swamped its worlds with hungry and unemployed Proles that are draining the subsector in terms of resources and social peace.

Population (1117/1202): 9.0/21.4 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.1/13.5
Senate Contingent (Quar and Plaven): 13


1117: C366243-9
1202: C366577-A ZE

This pleasant agricultural world has attracted several sizeable offworld colonies since 1191. These groups simply began appearing one day, and seizing large tracts of land for themselves in defiance of the local planetary government. The Zhodani 12th Fleet has a sizeable patrol presence insystem to monitor the situation, and this may have deterred violence between the different factions.


1117: C686648-8
1202: B686648-A GA

Rio was colonised, as were several worlds, during the Rule of Man. The world was isolated for centuries, with recontact with the Third Imperium in 490. In subsequent centuries, the government kept itself neutral in the conflict between the Imperials and the Zhodani, though it has enthusiastically traded with both powers. The Collapse and Quarantine saw the world being annexed by the Consulate, though technically it considers itself to be independent.


1117: B21169B-C
1202: A21179B-D ZE

Formerly known as Gesentown. This world is a base for a large contingent of the elite Consular Guard, and its position is somewhat unique as a result. The CG units based are not apart 12th Fleet's command structure, and answer directly to the Subsector Council on Cronor. This arrangement indicates that this force was intended, during the long Imperial-Zhodani conflict, to prevent "cultural infection" of colonial governments and the local military structure by outside Imperial influences. Despite the relaxation of tensions with the Imperials, this garrison remains in place, and has been increasingly vital in the face of the Zhodani Exodus.


1117: A6369A5-D
1202: A636AA5-E ZE

The capitol of Cronor has seen significant growth since the Collapse. Unfortunately, most of this has been just in the last ten years. Local services were already badly strained when the Zhodani Exodus began, dumping another ten billion people upon it. The world remains orderly, though military police units are increasingly evident in the refugee camps.


1117: D648500-8
1202: B648743-A CD/ZE

Whenge was a poor, desperate colonial remnant of the Rule of Man. Ecological degredation and intercommunal violence reduced the planet to ruined anarchy, and it was partially interdicted by the Zhodani Navy. The sudden expansion of trade with the Regency, and a need for a shortcut across the Cronor Cleft, compelled the subsector council to open the world to development. Initially the local tribes were hostile to the community growing out of the new downport, but have been enticed out of their own communities by offworld trade. Persons of Solomani-Zhodani descent is the most rapidly growing segment of the population.


1117: C665658-9
1202: C665758-A **

This former Imperial colony was tolerated by the Zhodani government because of its strategic location along the Cronor Cleft. The system has no gas giants, and all refueling material must come from the world's seas. This has permitted the original colony to remain unmolested for centuries, though it has made the lives of Zhodani merchant crews miserable.


1117: E334662-6
1202: C334766-7 **

This world was settled by generation ships from Nerewhon, and is considered its colony, even though the local government hasn't actually had much contact with the motherworld since planetfall in the early 1000s. Indo is not a world of many attractions, and the Zhodani have been content to leave it alone.


1117: E738475-7
1202: D738475-7 **

Nerewhon was another ROM remnant. The world was heavily factionalised, and overpopulation threatened its surviving habitats. Never fully trusting the Zhodani, the world's factions assembled several "generation" ships, and launched them to Indo in the 970s. After the launch of the last ship, one of the larger factions attempted to seize total control of the world, and the resulting war slaughtered 90% of the population.

Jewell Subsector

The Zhodani worlds of Jewell are currently in a state of limbo. The Zhodani Exodus has dried up trade with the Regency, and encouraged raiding by Vargr corsairs and Pack elements. The subsector has remainded a backwater, and probably could not stand in the face of a larger disaster. Perhaps this explains the upswing in contacts between the Regency and the subsector council on Dieterbriavr, and the close cooperation between the Regency 212th and Zhodani 11th Fleets in Exodus relief operations.

Population (Zhodani, 1117/1202): 20.9/32.3 Billion
Industrial Worlds (Zhodani): 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.2/9.9


1117: E7A1522-8
1202: D7A1664-7 VI

The world is currently controlled by a junta of mixed human-Vargr composition. The world has suffered a steady degradation of its life support margins over the last forty years.


1117: C7B3386-9 (0902)
1202: C7B3553-9 VI

This world is rife with factions. The old government was displaced by a feudal technocracy following heavy fighting between the local human population and invading Vargr corsairs. The world is very much a centerpiece of the Pack, and most of the economy is under its control.


1117: D130546-7
1202: D130598-7 AD

Zenpoit was seized by the Federation of Arden in a military strike in 1113. After heavy resistance was put up by the locals, the Federation decided to put in a more amenable government, which seemed to win over the locals. Nevertheless, as Arden has suffered severe economic hardships in the last decade, control over its colonies has hardened, and new tensions are rising on several, including Zenopit.


1117: E410644-6
1202: D410644-6 VI

Formerly known as Ao-Dai. This world was devastated during the Ancients Final War, and its population lives in deep craters created by asteroid bombardment. The world recieved a major influx of Vargr refugees in the aftermath of the Collapse, and relations between the newcomers and the Consulate government have been rocky.


1117: E5656B9-4
1202: E565669-4 AD

Pequan was seized by Arden in 1121. Unfortunately, its administration is no more popular than the old government.


1117: B638665-8
1202: B638788-8 VI

Formerly known as Foelen. This world was attacked several times in its past by Vargr raiders. The Post-Collapse period saw it recieve its independence, but its security is once again in doubt as the Consulate teeters on the brink of anarchy.

Querion Subsector

Like the Zhodani worlds in Jewell subsector, Querion is staring into a cold, deep abyss. Long an underdeveloped subsector, the local Zhodani worlds do not have the resources to handle a major political crisis. Unlike their Jewell brethren, their worry isnt the threat of military invasion by Vargr raiders so much as an economic collapse. The local subsector council on Shiadlia has already signalled its inability to govern in such circumstances, and control of the subsector has effectively shifted to the command structure of the local 17th Fleet.

Population (1117/1202): 19.0/30.2 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 8.0/11.3


1117: C6B6431-A
1202: C6B6487-A **

This chlorine shrouded world was controlled by a bizarre council of cloned oligarchs that were perpetuated from the original council that colonised the world. Unfortunately, the local tech level could not prevent genetic drift among the clones, and the council finally ceded power to a less formal bureaucratic government in 1182.


1117: EA95124-4
1202: EA95546-6 CD

Xhosa was colonised by Zhodani from Shiadlia in 1136. The locals willingness to adopt Imperial and Solomani traditions, and to spite the Consulate government, has led to a longstanding rift. Xhosa is host to a taint created by a panoply of bacterial and fungal hosts, and this has been accepted as an excuse for the colonists extreme "aberrant" behavior in the eyes of the Consulate.


1117: E766664-4
1202: E766784-4 GA

This world was dominated by the descendants of a Vargr Cruiser that misjumped here during the Third Frontier War. Relations between the Vargr oligarchs and the local human populace led to a low level insurgency in the early Civil War period. But the detailed government change has more to do with the actions and influence of the Thanber Conosolidated Properties (TCP) Group and the Aika-Namon mining corp, which imported mercs to defeat the old government and install a more amenable one based around a more pro-human faction.


1117: E200100-8
1202: B200476-A CD

Bael is divided between rival mining corps, Regency, Zhodani and others. Even a couple of Aslan corps have a presence here. Baelians are fantastically rich, but have recognised that the Lanthanum wealth will eventually run out, and are providing for the world's future by investment in improved infrastructure and education.


1117: E8C69AA-5
1202: C8C6A8A-8 **

The world's Tashaki minor race seems to study the staff of the Regency research station as closely the staff studies them. Around 1130, the locals suddenly instituted a more regimented culture, with a government that closely resembled the Delta station's hiearchy. The world has been rapidly accelerating its technolgical development ever since, a situation that has concerned and fascinated both the Regency and the Consulate, and led to increased information sharing about this mysterious world, an arrangement terminated by the recent Zhodani Exodus.


1117: E596400-4
1202: D586510-6 CD

Formerly known as Asmodeus. Details are given in Regency Sourcebook.


1117: D443436-3
1202: D443556-5 GA

The local landowners council was quite corrupt and incompetent. The world has a significant CO2 taint, but the council was incapable of keeping up with filter manufacturing. RISS was in the process of negotiating a shift in government, when unidentified offworld elements (though Thanber is suspected) sent in mercs at the behest of several local interests, and overthrew the government.


1117: B254788-9
1202: A2548A8-A ZE

Formerly known as Querion. The local bureaucracy was apparently unprepared for an emergency of the magnitude of the Exodus, and the commander of the Zhodani 17th Fleet placed it under his control in 1198. For a world whose primary industry was government, a decline in authority could be disastrous economically. Shiadlia is unusual in that it is a double world, sharing its orbit with its sister, Erioque, which contains the main military base in the subsector.


1117: B243653-C
1202: A243755-C CD

Thanber was a "corp" town in the Antebellum period, being dominated by Tukera. After the company withdrew from the Marches, and was subsequently destroyed by Virus, the world government turned to former Tukera personnel and subsidiaries to survive. Regency and Zhodani security services have traced a number of criminal and military enterprises in the old DMZ and Foreven to Thanber and its TCP corporation.


1117: C110588-8
1202: C110547-A **

Anselhome replaced its government in 1138 in an effort to attract new trade and investment.

Vilis Subsector

Federation of Arden Data
Population: 20.0 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level: 11.0


1117: C796746-5
1202: C796646-5 AD

This once prosperous world is symptomatic of Arden's overexpansion and subsequent declining power. Despite its richness, it has been caught in the Federation's long economic slump, and its population has declined as workers leave for richer oppurtunities in the Regency. Even the world's vital distillery industry is showing signs of collapse.


1117: C5549CB-8
1202: A554ACB-B AD

Arden's listed tech level only applies to its civilian populace. Its military factories and shipyards can produce TL-13 and some TL-14 materials, and its forces are equipped to those levels. The Federation of Arden has long suffered from its unwillingness to sign the Spinward Accords, leading to its isolation by other powers in the Marches. The Zhodani Exodus has presented an oppurtunity to the Arden Society to excavate their fortunes, and Federation military units have been quite active in those areas of the old DMZ adjacent to their territory.

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