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UWP Update 4

by Pete Gray

Code Data for Notes
Ab Abandonment (either emigration or immigration)
CD Colonial Development
EC Representational Reform Escape Clause
FA Fait Accompli
GA Government (Regency) Action
RR Representational Reform Referendum
** Other

Darrian Subsector

Some of this information has already been included in my individual world writeups. But for completion they have been repeated here.

Population (1117/1202): 15.2/39.3 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.6/13.6


1117: E62556B-4
1202: E62557B-4 GA/**

A former colony of Garoo that had been resubjugated by its mother world in 1119. The Garoo War brought Darrian invasion forces that partially liberated the planet. The world is divided between Garooian, Darrian and independent factions.


1117: D833000-3
1202: D833100-3 GA

Former surveillance base for the Garoo Republic. Now a joint facility operated by several agencies of the Regency and Non-Aligned worlds. 886-945 is a gas giant moon, and the base monitors refuelling traffic at this strategic juncture.


1117: C233898-A
1202: B23385A-C GA

Nonym was originally settled by the Pre-Maghiz Darrians. Since that ancient disaster, the local government had preferred its independence, even though the civilian populace clearly indicated a desire for anschluss. Sword World aggression compelled the government to accept a Darrian military base after the Fourth Frontier War, despite the percieved blow to its sovereignty. After the decisive victory over the Sword Worlders following the Fifth War, the planetary government tried to expell the garrison. The Sword World government responded by sending a Special Branch Star Trigger detachment to the system. A popular rebellion broke out, and the government was ousted in favor of a Pro-Daryen administration in 1119. The world was annexed, over Sword World protests, by the Confederation in 1121.


1117: B354443-7
1202: B354525-8 GA

Laberv was dominated by several criminal factions in the antebellum period. Gang harrassment was so constant that honest citizens fled into the outback. After the Collapse, the Confederacy ruthlessly purged the world of these mafias, and instituted a new interactive democratic government to keep track of any would be recidivists.


1117: C554769-8
1202: C554794-A CD

Engrange recieved its independence in 1124.


1117: E453123-6
1202: E453203-7 **

This otherwise worthless world was discovered to contain Ancient ruins. The 1117 government was actually a small research team from the Daryen University of Zlodh. The expedition finished its work in 1126, and conceded the world to various independent researchers and scavengers.


1117: E65767A-3
1202: C657758-8 CD

Cunnonic has violent weather and ferocious wildlife, paired challenges that overwhelmed the original Darrian colonists. The colonists broke apart under the strain into several competing factions, though being Darrians military conflict was eschewed in favor of debate. The world's proximity to the Sword Worlds prevented wider intervention by the Confederation government. The Civil War period saw several larger nations reunify by their own efforts, and a modest bootstrap operation started. Since the Collapse the world's factions have completely reunified, and the world has become a productive agricultural source world. A large part of its income comes through the commerce flowing through the "Four Corners" region from the Regency Sword Worlds.


1117: B854123-9 (0830)
1202: B854564-7 CD

The hunters and outfitters on Debarre were supplanted by a Regency colonisation effort in the 1130s.

Sword Worlds Subsector

At the dawn of the Regency, optimists compared the nascent state to a "vast mosaic of different cultures, that nevertheless are cemented together for the benefit of all." Since then, cynics have seized upon the idea of a "mosaic, which is an artform made out of broken glass or stones, sometimes with sharp or jagged edges." The Sword Worlds Occupation was an exercise in "it seemed like a good idea at the time" category, that has become an unintended act of imperial aggression that much vexes the Regency, and has often undermined its the integrity of its actions and been a source of national doubt and introspection.

Thanks to the occupation, the already brittle Sword Worlds has fragmented to an even greater degree. The intermixing of Imperial and Sword World cultures and communities, and the different levels of accomodation between them, has created sharp and jagged corners in the region. Contrary to popular reports, not all of the Sword Worlds and their peoples have resisted or continue to resist the imposition of Regency sovereignty. Some worlds, such as those that are a part of the so called "Vilis Covenant" and some of the former Border Worlds like Tyrfing and Beater, have become assimilated into the Regency mainstream to an irrevocable degree. But then there are worlds like Sacnoth, Joyeuse and Hofud, which are the main centers of violent resistance. And inbetween these two extremes are worlds like Gram and Sting. No resolution of this situation is in sight, and paradoxically even a Regency withdrawal would result in a bloodbath between native Sword Worlders on different worlds.

Population (1117/1202): 34.8/64.5 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.2/12.8
Senate Contingent: 134


1117: B463747-9
1202: A463756-A GA/VC Hrunting was an important Sword World military base during the latter Frontier Wars. One of the first worlds to sign the "Vilis Covenant" that opened up its markets and communities via the facilitation of Vilis/Vilis. Anti-Regency violence was rare, and is now nonexistent. The Regency/Sword Worlder population has been well integrated for about fifty years.


1117: B386887-A
1202: A386885-B GA/VC

This mineral rich world is strongly Pro-Regency. Tizon has a significant military and a strong martial tradition. Under the advice of the Vilisian government, the Regency stationed a number of Tizonian military units on the Frontier. This tacit recognition of their warlike nature, and years of (sometimes foolhardy) valor against Vampire Fleets and surviving Vargr Corsairs has cemented its loyalty to the Regency. Tizonian immigrants from the rest of the Regency are generally ex-military or reservists. The resulting mixed society is perhaps one of the strangest on record anywhere in Charted Space.


1117: A625514-B
1202: A625634-D RR

For centuries this world was the property of Ling Standard Products. The Regency, and other corps, wanted the company to open up the world to outside development. It was only by a vote of the company's shareholders in a "referendum" in 1160 that other companies and offworld commercial groups were allowed access. The current government is an oligarchy of several local corporate executives.


1117: B364685-B
1202: B36466A-B GA

Colada had a thriving criminal underground, one inflamed by the Regency invasion of 1132. The Regency crackdown only further antagonised the locals, and a low level insurgency has been ongoing for decades. Coladans are unusually contradictory in their attitudes towards the Regency and its citizens; for while they are given to waging guerilla war on their "occupiers", Coladan merchants are very active across the Regency.


1117: B530544-A
1202: B530566-B GA/VC

Mjolnir is occupied by Hessian units from Vilis. This is the only world to be conquered and directly occupied by forces from a Regency member world. Vilisian units attacked Mjolnir in retaliation for Landgrab attacks from that world in 1132, without authorisation from the Regency military command structure. The Vilisians made a clean sweep of the puny local military, and quickly made their presence known. Despite the blatant imperialism of their actions, the Vilisians mixture of Sword World prickliness and Imperial civility endeared them to the Mjolnirians, and the Regency has been content to leave the situation as it is.


1117: B464778-A
1202: B47476A-A GA

During the Regency occupation of the world in 1132, fanatical elements of the local military barricaded themselves in the local military base, which is located on the worlds large moon. During one exchange of fire between attacking Naval vessels and the base, a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons was either deliberately detonated (according to the Regency) by the base personnel, or deliberately targeted (according to the Sword Worlders) by the Navy. The explosion destroyed a good portion of the base, and showered Joyeuse with debris. The dust from the detonation filled the upper atmosphere, blocking sunlight and causing surface temperatures to fall dramatically. Regency occupation forces are limited to heavily fortified firebases in orbit and the surface, as the countryside is rife with factionalised militias.


1117: E25059B-4
1202: C2506AA-7 CD

Enos ineffective government was supplanted in 1133 by a junta led by the younger brother of the infamous Baron Van Kreden of Gungnir. The world has become a training ground for Sword Worlds guerillas, and communities of fanatical extremists dot the outback. In many cases these communities fight one another.


1117: B444779-8
1202: B444788-9 GA/VC

The reunion between parent and child was bittersweet for Gungnir and Vilis. For all of Vilis' problems, it had clearly eclipsed its motherworld in power and progress. The occupation of this world was further complicated by its insane government processes, and being the homeland of the infamous Baron Van Kreden. As with Tizon, however, many Gungnirians have served on the Frontier for the Regency against Virus, diverting much of the worlds pent up agression. Economic development, and Vilis' counsel of patience has gone a long way in calming this wild world, and building up its loyalty to the Regency. Anti-Regency violence remains a problem, though mostly as a side effect of internal feuding.


1117: A895957-B
1202: A895957-C GA

Gram has been largely ambivalent towards the Regency. The world's lower classes had been miserable under Sword World rule, and trade with the Regency has brought them a measure of prosperity. Unlike most other violence stricken Sword Worlds, resistance to occupation has not come from the grassroots, as on Sacnoth, but from disaffected parts of the upper and middle classes, largely students and intellectuals. Gram's government is strongly divided between pro and anti-Regency factions, and intercommunal fighting has been a problem.


1117: B775956-C
1202: B775A69-D GA

Sacnoth had been a severely xenophobic world, even for a Sword World. Visitors to the world were confined to a large reservation around the Downport, and were not permitted to pass beyond its periphery. The Regency unwisely and cavalierly did away with this arrangement after the Landgrab, and the world has been rent with intercommunal violence ever since. Sacnoth had been severly factionalised to begin with, and the Regency's brazen actions (at least in their view) and immigration set off a severe backlash. Several large regions are unsafe even for the Regency military to visit, and are interdicted.


1117: B958412-A
1202: B958418-B Ab

The development corp that owned Dyrnwyn has been too accomodating to the Regency, at least according to Sword World resistance. As with Durendal, there have been violent attacks by offworld terrorist and guerilla groups. The former Sword World community on the world has been the target of several of these, and it has thrown in its lot with it occupiers.


1117: B687334-B
1202: B687647-C Ab/CD

Durendal was originally owned by high ranking members of Sacnoth's government. Large estates divided the world, and the population were mostly domestics employed in their upkeep. With the abolition of Sacnoth's government after the Landgrab, Durendal no onger had a raison de etre, and the world was opened up to settlement. While nearly the entire population is of Imperial descent, the precedent of an entire former Sword World being taken over in this fashion has been inflammatory, and some of the wildest and most desperate attacks have been attempted by various terrorist factions on Sacnoth. The Amber Zone was instituted after several attempts to ram merchant ships into the world's communities.


1117: B666653-A
1202: B666655-B GA

Hofud has long been a thorn to the Third Imperium and the Regency. The scattered agricultural communities shelter myriad resistance groups, so much so that Regency soldiers joke if they were to withdraw the world would suffer from disastrous unemployment. Most of these groups are lightly armed, and their attacks on the Regency troops are more irritating than harmful.


1117: B645896-A
1202: B645887-B GA

Sting had been the former capitol of the old Border Worlds. Sting is a study in contrasts; severe divisions exist at every level of its society over basic issues, most notably the Regency Occupation. The world changes its mind so frequently, and yet so indecisively, that it has been nicknamed "ole wishy-washy." Violence is quite rare, though debates between the different factions have undermined consensus and rendered the old government ineffective. The new government has been marginally better at effecting change.


1117: E655000-7
1202: C655557-A CD

Formerly known as Steel. World colonised by the conservative Protocols of Halifax faction of the "To Will One Thing" religion. Originally Halifax and Wisconsin were to be settled by the same group, but as is often the case with Vargr dominated groups, a schism developed over seemingly minor ideological matters, and the two factions are know bitterly opposed to each other.


1117: E568000-7
1202: C565645-A CD

Formerly known as Mithril. Colonised by the Wisconsin Synod faction of the "To Will One Thing" religion. Wisconsin has a highly eccentric orbit around its dwarf star primary, and has extended periods of both cold and hot. Since the world's colonisation in the 1140s, the world has started its long approach towards perhelion, and the climate has slowly warmed up.

Five Sisters Subsector

The "Wild West" of the Regency; also known as the "Rand". FS is the terminus for trade from the rest of the Spinward States to spinward and rimward (known IMTU as the "Mortal Coil"). Originally known as District 267, the subsector's development lagged as a result of tensions with the Zhodani, and has only begun to open up since the Collapse. Much of its immigration has been undertaken by back to nature groups, and entrepenuers of varying character. Quarantine regulations for extra-Regency trade is relaxed to permit greater trade, but then has to pass through a number of different quarantine posts in order to pass to the Regency safe. The sizeable Senate contingent is frequently cited by critics of Regency Senate apportionment, for while FS has a population of barely a billion, it has only fifteen fewer seats than Star Lane subsector (with a population of 101 billion).

Population (1117/1202): 0.5 Billion/1.2 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level (1117/1202): 10.0/12.0
Senate Contingent: 126


1117: B564500-B
1202: A564622-B GA

Emape's wild, lawless culture was an early victim of the RQS and its SecDets. The world is the main interface port for trade from Foreven and Beyond, and too vital to permit smugglers and pirates a foothold.


1117: B130300-B
1202: B130412-D GA

Raweh's small interface port is run by a private company under contract to the RQS. Most of the civilian population are adherents of the local "Church of the Golden Sands."


1117: E687200-0
1202: C687643-B CD

The primitive human population of this world was decimated by an unknown cause. The survivors were assimilated into a new colony established by a Regency ecological group.


1117: C695735-8
1202: C6958X5-D **

This is merely a RISS reclassification. Droyne government was finally recognised by the Regency for its uniformity. Andor remains interdicted for unknown reasions.


1117: E754401-8
1202: D754545-8 CD

An indigenous, nomadic human culture of unknown orgin existed (and still exists here). Known as the Trexen, their numbers were supplemented after the Collapse by another offshoot of the same group that colonised Lothlorien and Prince Edward. Neither group has assimilated into the other's lifestyle, though relations between the two communities are excellent.


1117: C593634-8
1202: C5937X5-E **

Same as Andor. Candory remains interdicted for unknown reasons. The Regency government has never given an explanation for this continued surveillance and blockade. The old excuses, like Ancient sites (which are now largely declassified) and "psionic contamination" (remember the Psionic Reforms) can no longer justify the interdiction. Visitors to the two Droyne worlds are permitted to land at the downport, but are prevented from moving beyond its periphery.


1117: D574654-7
1202: D574554-8 GA

This once pleasant world became party to massive chemical plants owned by Ling Standard Products. The local government was powerless to enforce basic environmental laws, and the atmosphere grew heavy with pollutants. A petition from the world government reached Regent Norris in 1132, who decreed, as part of the crackdown upon corporate illegality, that LSP either clean up its act on Ucella, or face Regency sanction. On the end, LSP withdrew its personnel and shuttered the plants. The world is still recovering from centuries of abuse.


1117: A767768-C
1202: A767789-E RR

Karin had been placed under the control of the Imperial Navy following a breakdown in civil order during the 900s. The naval administration had finally worn out its welcome by the time of the Representational Reforms, and despite its heated objections, was removed as governing authority in a referendum.


1117: C535225-9
1202: B535543-A CD

The main interface port into the Core/Spin corner of the Trojan Reach. The world was previously the exclusive property of Research Station Zeta, which has been interdicted since the Collapse.


1117: E224564-8
1202: D224575-9 **

The population of this "colony" of Iderati (0732) felt neglected and ignored by their masters. The world had been deliberately left outside of the Regency by the Duke of Iderati, who did not desire closer scrutiny of his operations on the world by the new government. A revolt created balkanisation, and the secessionist elements petitioned for Regency membership.

Prince Edward

1117: E888421-7
1202: C888653-8 CD

This world was "colonised" by the survivors of the crash of the Izmir Corporation escort Prince Edward, just a few scant years before Izmir moved to Darrian. The world's culture and language are directly descended from the ancient Solomani nation of Turkey. The locals have been since assimilated by Regency immigrants.


1117: E100301-9
1202: D100453-A **

Retief had been a secret base for the Imperial megacorp Hortalez et Cie. It is suspected that it was established to free certain company operations from the scrutiny of the Imperial government. Unfortunately Hortalez was largely destroyed by the Collapse, and the world and its base were sold to a number of interested colonial groups in the 1132 Fire Sale.

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