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St. Genevieve

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 4378 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 2%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 1972
Government: Subjugated (RQS governor)
Law Level: 6
Tech Level: 8

St. Genevieve was settled in antebellum times by a group of reclusive millionaires from Sansterre. Their peaceful retreat became a major battleground in the four way war between the subsectors major powers. Almost two thousand local inhabitants are party to about one hundred thousand troops from Neubayern, New Home, Sansterre and Amondiage fight over this dry rock, policed by twenty thousand RPKF troops manning the large DMZs that crisscross the surface like a chess board. The fighting is mostly desultory, and most of the offworld troops would rather be sent home. Recent negotiations between Sansterre and Neubayern have resulted in a de facto peace treaty between them, and many of Amondiages myriad nations have indicated a desire to negotiate as well. New Home's continued intransigence prevents a final settlement, and desertion is beginning to sap the local units of their strength as the war continues to drag on.

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