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by Pete Gray

Starport Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter 7333 Miles
Atmosphere Dense
Surface Water 76%
Climate Chilly
Population 5.65 Billion
Government Oligarchy
Law Level 8
Tech Level 11

Neubayern is one of the three worlds originally settled by the long range ESA colony mission. Most of the population lived in compact, comfortable cities on the world's two smaller, northern continents, reserving the warmer southern continents for agricultural production. A socialist bureaucratic system was developed to fairly distribute housing and food to the growing population, and to provide regimented education assisted by rigorous testing to provide employment to all of the worlds citizens based upon their abilities. Eventually a hereditary elite arose from this meritocracy, and the population and most of the world's industry were parceled into estates under the control of each "Elector", and subject to their whims.

The once heavily industrialised world suffered immense losses during the Islands War, the result of fighting too many enemies at once. Worn down by attrition on several fronts, it forces could only manage feeble resistance against the New Home planetary strike squadrons that razed Schleisen Belt and several of Neubayerns communities. The massive destruction uprooted large sections of the population, driving them across estate boundaries into neighboring regions. Since that time the Electors have become progressively less relevant, and a new generation of popular leaders has challenged them from refugee and internment camps.

Recently the Electors has engaged in the four way negotiations between themselves and Amondiage, Sansterre and Serendip. All four of these worlds are intent upon rebuilding their shattered economies with the incentive of reconstruction money from the Regency government. While much of Neubayerns' industry remains shattered, much of its agricultural productivity has survived and expanded. The other three worlds are chronically short on foodstuffs, and the Electors hope to create a complimentary market with the other peaceseeking worlds to raise revenue and rebuild the remainder of their world.

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