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by Pete Gray

Starport Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter 5307 Miles
Atmosphere Standard
Surface Water 17%
Climate Very Hot
Population 2.14 Billion
Government Balkanised (21 seperate nations)
Law Level 6
Tech Level 11

Amondiage was the second of the Islands worlds to be settled by the ESA Long Range Colony Mission, in this case by the Voyageur in -6. Amondiage is a world under heavy geological pressure. Tectonic motion on this world is mostly vertical, as on Venus in the Sol System. In a few areas, the plates have parted enough to permit the creation of deep rifts or depressions where surface water has pooled to create small seas. The rest of the world is dry, dusty desert with few resources worth developing. The three largest seas are surrounded by Himilaya sized mountain ranges and escarpments that shelter verdant grasslands and forests; temperatures are significantly cooler here, and nearly the entire population lives in packed cities along the shorelines or on small, intermontane plateaus. Land is scarce, and the population engages in strict ecological practices that limit population growth, and recycles water and waste. Large scale industry is limited by the lack of resources, and most manufacturing and commerce was initially carried out by small but highly efficient factories and business groups.

Because of the great distances between the individual "Massifs" and "Mares", the planetary government was imposed by the largest and most powerful group of communities, a coalition known as the Tokapi, which was headquartered on an island in the middle of the largest Mare. A series of popular dictators, elected for life by the Tokapi elite, ruled the world in a semi-enlightened fashion, promising the other subjugated communities to provide the fruits of empire in return for their support. After a very brief takeover by Serendip in the early 1000s, this imperialism metastisized into full fascism, and the world's economy was socialised, and were transformed into massive enterprises to construct an oversized military bent upon conquering the universe (or at least the local portion of it) for the motherworld.

The world and its forces were led into the Islands War by the reckless hand of the dramatic, handsome, charismatic (and brainless) dictator Auguste de Froidesval, whose sole heroic contribution to the war effort was to get himself and most of his command staff killed in a moronic frontal assualt against a New Home fleet. The worst damage was inflicted by Sansterre, whose forces quickly destroyed most of the local navy in quick, brutal strikes in the first few years of the war. Froidesval's death, and the loss of most of the officer corps in these battles left a leadership vacuum that could only be filled with less competent and resolute officers, and Amondiage became an appendage to the rest of the war, as it forces lost the initiative and inertia prevented capable response to enemy moves.

Disgust with the entire misadventure, and the growing number of coups and assassinations carried out by would be dictators, led the subjugated communities to progressively secede from Tokapi's control. Several Vampire fleets succeeded in reaching Amondiage in the mid 1130s, destroyed several communities with orbital bombardment weapons, and intensified the anarchy. Regency forces arrived in late 1140 to find a world on the verge of ruin, with most of its industry and starports shattered beyond repair. Careful reconstruction by outlying communities has pulled the world back from the brink, and restored most technology and starports. But Tokapi and her allies are still consumed with coups and intrigue, and small brushfire wars have been fought between them and their former subjects. Meanwhile, Tokapi's interstellar forces remain in combat postions on St. Genevieve, and are still pursuing hostilities against the other Islands. The defenestration of Tokapi and her troops is the main barrier to the Four-Power Talks success and the rehabilitation of the Old Islands.

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