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by Pete Gray

Starport Class E
Diameter 7512 Miles
Atmosphere Standard
Surface Water 76%
Climate Hot
Population 821,600
Government Subjugated (ruled by Amondiage)
Law Level 3
Tech Level 8

Acadie was one of the first colonies to be settled by one of the original three worlds, in this case by Amondiage with the newly constructed Asterix. Acadie's local flora is largely inedible to humans, and hostile to offworld strains. The early colonists genetically adapted their livestock to be able to ingest selected local species, and be able to plant friendlier terrestrial grain and vegetables in fields cleared by these grazers. The livestock proved so successful that animal husbandry proved more profitable than horticulture, and still makes up a large portion of the local economy.

After Amondiage acquired jump drive technology, it used its military and economic power to annex Acadie in 1033. Mining surveys discovered large deposits of iron, manganese and cobalt, among other metals, and mining became the primary revenue source. The locals were disinterested in politics, a consequence of their far-flung settlements, and they were mostly content with Amondiage and Tokapi's rule. During the Islands War, New Home and Sansterre glassed over the local starport, and briefly disrupted Amondiage's control over the world, but otherwise were little interested in staking a colonial claim of their own in the face of continued resistance. Acadie is of fairly low strategic importance to anyone nowadays, and it now attracts tourists and offduty RQS personnel attracted to its backwater obscurity.

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