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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 5852 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard, tainted by pollutants
Surface Water: 59%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 1.12 Billion
Government: Subjugated (ruled by New Home)
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 8

Colchis has one of the most divided populations of any world in the Islands, with the exception of Amondiage. The world was settled by smaller utopian groups that had travelled aboard the C-Jammer, but were incapable of integration with the mainstream colonists of New Home. These groups opted to head into space once again after the planetary government constructed a new generation ship to carry them. After arriving on Colchis, disparities between groups led to conflict, and for most of the period leading to contact with the Serendips after the Third Frontier War, the world was divided into warring states that fought over economics, resources and ideology. Several socialist factions were driven offworld, and one of these settled New Colchis.

Unification was dictated by the new paradigm of jump drive equipped enemies. But that unification was only made possible by the importation of troops, materials and money provided by several offworld powers, most notably Serendip, Joyeuse and New Home. The ascension of a capitalist free-trade oriented bloc helped cement ties with New Home, and a low-level war broke out between the "Republicans" and Pro-Joyeusean "Nationalists-Redeemers." During the Islands War, the Republicans were exhausted by civil war, and the world drifted towards Joyeuse. New Home launched an invasion of the world in 1127, and its forces have been mired against rebel forces ever since. The occupying forces are limited to fortified bases and the major cities, while the countryside has been plunged into anarcy. The population has long tired of the fighting and disorder, but are bedeviled with guerilla armies cum crime blocs, police spies and an occupying government that is an absolute terror to friend and foe alike. While not amber-zoned, visits to Colchis by offworlders are rarely recomended.

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