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New Home

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 5298 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 55%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 841.5 Million
Government: Technocracy
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 11

New Home was the first Islands world to be colonised by the ESA Long Range Mission, in -9. The colonists found it to be hot and humid, but otherwise very amenable to human habitation. The colonists scattered into small communities across the surface of the world, eschewing any government beyond a mutual aid alliance. Because of the natural bounty of its farms and fisheries, New Home enjoyed an easier time developing and higher standards of living. Prosperity and the attendant increase in spare time meant that more attention could be diverted into scientific research and technological development. While the locals never developed an inkling of jump science, they were already at TL-11 when Serendip came calling with its fleet of starships around 993.

The brief takeover by Serendip had immeasurable consequences that went unnoticed at the time. New Home's people had such an easy time of it compared to the other colony worlds, whether by accident or deliberate design, that they had become convinced that their world truly was paradise. But a grubby bunch of belters with a dubious entrepenuerial bent punctured that supercilious air of supremacy, and New Home's inhabitants never forgave that transgression. The easygoing pastoralism gave way to a paradise lost syndrome that drove New Home to manically seek technical and military superiority over its neighbors and rivals. When Serendip and Neubayern went to war over Topas in 1106, New Home lashed out at both forces with its powerful fleet, and the localised confrontation spread into a general war.

New Home's forces enjoyed a reputation for ruthlessness second only to its cobelligerents on New Colchis, and its technologically superior forces pushed everyone around. But then it made the mistake of intervening in a civil war on nearby Colchis; the overdeployment of resources and troops to contain the local insurgency allowed its enemies to regain the initiative, and wear down its forces through attrition. New Home has lost its technological and economic lead through Neubayernian and Joyeusean commerce raids and planetary strikes, and it has had to consolidate its forces to defend Colchis and the mainworld against terrorist and guerilla attacks. Nonetheless its forces remain dangerously overstretched on several battlefronts, and the increasing dominance of its military in the planetary government has undermined alternatives, such as the current Four Power Talks. New Home is considered to be the main long term threat to the restoration of peace in the region; and perversely a good friend of the local RQS command for its intransigence.

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