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New Colchis

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 7754 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense, tainted with industrial pollutants
Surface Water: 52%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 2.89 Billion
Government: Dictatorship
Law Level: 13
Tech Level: 11

New Colchis was colonised around 560 by exiles from Colchis. These were a collection of different socialist utopian groups whose carious ideologies shared a common interest in a perfectible industrial society. After failing to impress their views on their homeworld, they settled here to impose their ideology unhindered by prejudice and percieved inequalities. Despite hot temperatures and a shortage of certain resources, New Colchis was settled in a very short time, although power struggles between the different factions often slipped into bloody conflict and purges.

Socialism, as one ancient Solomani writer once put it, is a government system that increases the scope and power of the state, while drastically removing the restraints against abuse. With no outside threats to unify them, internal struggles between the various factions turned the regime into a police state. Consensus could only be forged through extralegal mechanisms within the huge bureaucracy, and only bureaucrats and secret policemen could rule this unwieldly heap. Industrial development was centrally imposed, and always state's benefit. Complaints over poor living conditions and oppressive practices were muted by the looming presence of the security services and the threat of purge or imprisonment.

Serendip's takeover of the world in the 990s was a milestone for the world government, precariously balanced between increasingly strident factions in the military, industry and police bureaucracy. The new vistas opened up by the arrival of Imperial jump drive technology promised a means of satisfying everyone's greed at the same time. Overnight it transformed itself from the most isolationist of worlds into the most expansionistic. And they were hellbent on surpassing the colonial ambitions of every other competitor. Even before the Islands War, its agents were aggressive and ruthless in their search for colonies.

The Islands War was a disaster for New Colchis. Its habit for ruthlessness led it into an alliance with New Home, and the two of them inflicted massive damage to their enemies through planetary strike operations. In retaliation, Serendip and Joyeuse struck New Colchis even harder. Half of the world's industry, energy production and infrastructure were destroyed, and today large parts of the world are at preindustrial levels without power or utilities, and people must live at subsistence levels. Large parts of the world are in a state of arrested anarchy, and the government is increasingly consumed with renewed internal struggles. The rest of the world is suffering from its neglect, and a vicious cycle of decay is slowly destroying this world and its people.

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