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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 8735 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense, tainted by virulent pathogen
Surface Water: 48%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 75.6 Million
Government: Subjugated (New Colchis)
Law Level: 5
Tech Level: 5

Herzenlust's dense atmosphere is home to a variety of airborne microfauna. One of these, the Green Fly, is a deadly parasite that attacks the upper respiratory tract. A vaccine was developed for the disease about 100 years ago, but is too expensive for the locals to afford. Instead the colonial government on New Colchis imports less effective antibiotics, which are expensive enough on their own, to bind the world and its population firmly to their imperial control. As New Colchis has descended into chaos, a SuSAG subsidiary has been contracted to continue supplying the drugs. Recently SuSAG has negotiated a more generous contract that gives them an increased share in local revenues and de facto control over appointments to the planetary government.

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