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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C
Diameter: 7650 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard, tainted with pollutants
Surface Water: 93%
Climate: Very Cold
Population: 316,900
Government: Subjugated (ruled from Esperanza)
Law Level: 7
Tech Level: 5

Nebelwelt became a possession of Esperanza in the late 1110s, after it could no longer maintain its tech level without spare parts now unobtainable from other sources. Most of the population lives in island communities scattered across the world, and this encourages isolationism. The world has paid few dividends for Esperanza, and the appointed governor is rarely in contact with the colonial government anymore. The local taint is a residue left over from past industrial development constructed on the world by the warring governments of Joyeuse and New Colchis as part of their past courtship of Nebelwelt.

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