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St. Hilaire

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 5001 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard, tainted with trace amounts of halogenic compounds
Surface Water: 88%
Climate: Very Cold
Population: 48.45 Million
Government: Subjugated (ruled from Esperanza)
Law Level: 3
Tech Level: 9

St. Hilaire was one of the last worlds settled by the old sublight ships that connected the Islands. After the colony was recontacted by the Serendips, it has had a hard time preventing domination by more powerful offworld parties. Despite a diverse and lucrative agricultural economy, despite low temperatures, the need for offworld capitol and export markets drove the world first into Serendip's orbit, and then Esperanza's. Despite this subjugation, Esperanza's low antebellum tech level slowed contact, and its planetary governor enjoyed an unthinkable amount of autonomy; this is even more true today, as it takes a round trip of eight weeks for orders and replies to reach the mother world. Esperanzan sovereignty is now paid mere lip service, and the world's de facto independence has been reinforced by the new Regency naval base.

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