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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 7041 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 38%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 33.08 Million
Government: Subjugated (ruled from Serendip)
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 8

Gloire was originally settled about a thousand years ago, during one of the last sublight missions. Despite its high surface temperatures, the world was fertile and biochemically compatible enough to sustain human habitation. The pastoral population proved impotent in the face of Serendip aggression, who conquered the world a few scant years after its recreation of the Eldorado's jump drives. When Imperial Scouts distributed jump drive technology to the rest of the Islands, their combined military pressure forced the Serendips to briefly abandon Gloire. But the Serendips reconquered the world in 1048 after a quid pro quo was reached with Esperanza.

Serendip's plans for further expansion have long depended upon Gloire and its agricultural wealth, and they have ruled their colony with a couple fingers short of an iron fist. The local populace eventually surrendered all hope of liberation, and collaborated fully with its overlords. The world was severly damaged by New Colchis raids during the Islands War, raids that destroyed many settlements and the main starport. Heavy damage to Serendip itself necessitated its monopoly of resources for itself, and large parts of Gloire are still blasted and broken from the war.

Repression intensified in the war's aftermath, as Serendip became more reliant upon locally raised foodstuffs for its own population. Most of this repression was economic, as food prices were set artificially low. Production has suffered as a result, and the long suffering population finally lost patience enough to engage in "passive-aggressive terrorism." Attempts to crack down on this resistance has further alienated the local populace, and the situation will feed of itself until Serendip can rebuild its agro production and finds an alternate offworld source.

Gloire is the site of RQB Valdivia, the main terminus base for RQS/RPKF operations in the Islands. All ship traffic en route to the Regency must pass through inspection here. Inspections are mostly cursory, as stricter inspections await at Zuflucht. Valdivia is located in orbit above Gloire, and has a seperate C-class starport that is reserved for RQS and Regency Naval vessels. Because of the importance of this facility, Gloire is rated Amber, and local RQS patrols are not notable for their patience. In the last ten years the presence of the base and its nonforebearing guardians has emboldened the local opposition.

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