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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 8027 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 55%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 2.46 Million
Government: Democracy
Law Level: 7
Tech Level: 0

Homeworld of the Orpheeide minor race. When the race was first discovered in 1003 by Serendip explorers, a debate thinly veiling the ongoing imperial competition erupted between several Islands powers over sovereignty. Under IISS prodding a convention was signed that placed the planet and its natives offlimits to offworld contact, mostly to offset the ambitions of New Colchis and Esperanza.

The "Orfies" are a hexapedal herbivorous species that is actually quite old in lineage. They are very well adapted to their homeworld, and their technological development has stagnated. For many offworlders this docile and an inoffensive race offered an easily enslavable work force who would put up no resistance to exploitation of them or their world. When the Islands War erupted, New Colchis and Joyeuse fought for control, with the former eventually the victor, and the Orpheeides were rounded up into labor camps by the victorious occupation troops. When Regency forces arrived in 1140, they found the New Colchisians still in place; unlike in other parts of the Islands, the Regency showed no restraint, and the occupation force was routed and slaughtered by Regency Marines as an example to their fellows.

Today Orphee is a full member of the Regency. A RISS watch force is maintained full time, but the world is not interdicted, and full offworld trade ties exist.

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