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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 5464 Miles
Atmosphere: None
Surface Water: 18%
Climate: Frozen
Population: 64,700
Government: Technocracy
Law Level: 5
Tech Level: 7

Elysee is a large, lightly populated rock. The original population hailed from Joyeuse or Besancon, but the vicious fighting between several Islands powers has driven most of them offworld, and the remainder are mostly squatters. The world is divided between the forces of Neubayern, New Home and Serendip, and conflict between them has always been the nastiest and lest relenting. Skirmishing between them and local RPKP forces led to the infamous Mizuha Affair in 1155. Elysee's orbital B port is of recent, Regency financed construction, and is offlimits to the belligerents. The local cities and communities are ruled by a small but well organised group of technicians that tirelessly maintain local living standards despite the interference of offworld military units.

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