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UWP Update

by Pete Gray

This is an interpretive update of UWP data in Regency Sourcebook. This is chiefly to explain changes in data that occured between 1117 and 1202. This section covers Regency held portions of Reft.

This data has been confined to the Regency in light of the major impact of major events like the Abandonment, Fait Accompli and the Representational Reforms. The format goes by subsector, broken down into individual world entries, which are further divided by 1117 and 1202 UPP data, followed by brief comments on the reason or mechanism of change, and in some cases a brief explanation for its current conditions.

Code Data for Notes
Ab Abandonment (either immigration or emigration)
AR Abandonment and Resettlement (due to Aslan invasions of 1119-1122)
CD Colonial Development
EC Representational Reform Escape Clause
FA Fait Accompli
IW: Islands War (New code)
GA Government (Regency) Action
RR Representational Reform Referendum
** Other

Vestus Subsector

A major part of the Stronghold. Vestus was in a better state of development than its neighbors in Deneb, the result of trade moving down from Deneb itself to the Aslan interface. The subsector was the main home for General Development Corp (GEDCO) a consortium of nobles and their investors who were dedicated to uplifting the local worlds to higher level of technological and economic development. Their success made them the model for the Regency's later IDP, and their spirit has prevented the subsector from falling entirely under the influence of Lintl's oppressive religious government.

Population (1117/1201): 44.6/65.9 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 14.8/14.9
Senate Contingent: 99


1117: D9B8222-4
1202: C9B8245-9 AR

Cauldron, as its name implies, is a witches brew of different corrosive gases. The 1117 tech level reflects the original community, a chemical extraction facility without only primitive means of fabrication. The facility has recieved new investment since then, as many industrial processes make use of its atmosphere.


1117: B3536BG-7
1202: B3536MA-8 FA

Formerly known as Reudden. Not every world taken by the Aslan was converted into an alien slum. This world was ruled by a brutal military dictatorship. When Aslan invaders appeared in 1120, they were welcomed by the human populace as liberators.


1117: C544100-B
1202: C544300-A CD

This world has simply become a greater version of what it already was. Most of its new colonists were simply refugees from the Aslan invasion who fell to the wayside or were vagabonds anyway, who found a home waiting for them in this permissive culture.


1117: B565476-C
1202: B565413-B AR/CD

Amoirve was partially abandoned by its inhabitants in the face of Ihatei incursions. After being retaken by the Regency in 1131, the colony charter was bought out by Spinward Development Corp..


1117: B87A443-A
1202: B87A452-C CD/RR

Solbatn's new government hopes to attract increased trade and development. Underdeveloped waterworlds like this one have attracted much attention, especially in Deneb sector, as an alternative means of habitation for overcrowded industrial and high population worlds.


1117: D200201-8
1201: C200311-A AR/CD

Formerly known as Dimple. Nexus recieved a new scout way station after the Rape of Trin, and administration of the world was turned over by the RISS to a private company.


1117: B300459-B
1202: A300524-D RR

Carian's feudal technocracy had long been unpopular with the local populace, because of its strong reliance upon the navy for employment. After negotiations with the 19th Fleet, the government was replaced with a more amenable demos. Strangely enough, the world's economy has become even more reliant upon the base for survival.


1117: B474211-B
1202: B474425-C AR/CD

Formerly known as Corp Town. The world had been a research colony for SuSAG, and reportedly, Instellarms, during the antebellum period. Aslan Ihatei never reached this world, but the threat they represented caused a hurried evacuation of the world in 1121. The now empty world and its infrastructure was taken over by a colony group from Lintl in 1133, and it has prospered ever since.


1117: B739AEE-F
1202: A739AEE-F **

Lintl has become one of the most important industrial worlds in the Regency. The local xenophobia has diminished since 1132, and the religious dictatorship has lost nearly all of its power to secular bureaucratic agencies that retain the old ruling council as a mere formality. Most of the population lives in either deep underground or underwater arcologies, though more and more people are being moved into orbital habitats or new floating cities to counteract the claustrophobic tendencies of the old regime.


1117: C251110-9
1202: C251100-9 **

Formerly known as Whisp. The local corporation was a shell, a mere formality to prevent offworld encroachment into the claims of the local belter community.


1117: B376337-D
1202: B376410-D RR

Gaspar's old ruling elite was displaced in the Reforms. The current government is a local development company empowered by the populace with increasing offworld trade and contact. Gaspar is located along the burgeoning trade route between Lintl and Colony Five, and provides access to complementary markets for the Stronghold.


1117: B140567-9
1202: B140577-A RR

Igualada was granted partial home rule from Gaspar in 1161. Several outlying communities wanted a bigger share of the trade revenue coming through the starport, which is conveniently located along the "Rift Highway" connecting Lintl to Tobia.


1117: B260262-9
1202: B260454-9 Ab

Another source of heavy fighting between Ihatei and local humans during the Civil War. The world was still contested between Ihatei and Domain Marines when the Collapse rolled in, and the world was largely given over to the invaders, albeit under a human style government. Tensions still remain between the local garrison and the mostly Aslan population, and an Amber Zone has been posted in addition to its normal Frontier rating.


1117: B768321-9
1202: A768587-C Ab

Rival colonial claims had prevented this world from recieving its due. These claims are still wending their way through the Regency courts, complicated by the Collapse. Large sections of the outback are offlimits to the current colonists, pending a resolution. The Amber Zone reflects past confrontations between rival groups over disputed claims. Elixir's Amber Zone is a reflection of the worlds often violent weather patterns, the result of its eccentric orbit around its primary.

Macon Subsector

Macon Subsector is culturally tied to neighboring Zeng/Deneb. As such it was also party to many of the same political battles that erupted in the wake of the Representational Reforms. Macon has never been that important economically in of itself, but its development by GeDCO in the antebellum period became crucial to the Regency after the Collapse, as it became a conveyor for the vital trade between Usani and Zeng, and the Aslan Interface. The subsector has seen major population movements since the Civil War, the result of corporate pullouts and political troubles on Gorod.

Population (1117/1201): 1 Billion/700 Million
Industrial Worlds: None
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9/10
Senate Contingent: 37

Evet's World

1117: B201656-D
1202: B201556-E **

Evet's World was home to the research and manufacturing facilities of Naasirka and Makhidkarun, which mostly produced computer and robotic components for the BTC market. These companies pulled out in 1121, and the remaining factories were shuttered by concerns over Virus and infection. The world's disastrous unemployment was partially allayed by the reopening of a few upgraded facilities that produce for the military. The Amber Zone is a reflection of violent solar flare activity.

Earl Center

1117: A998011-9
1202: A998111-B CD

This world is owned by Ling Standard Products, which used it as a warehousing facility before the Civil War period. In earlier times it had been a major manufacturing center for the company, before industrial pollution and changing markets caused a pullout of these facilities hundreds of years ago. Most of this pollution remains, and has discouraged new colonisation. Nevertheless, LSP would like to open the world to wider development, and has undertaken surveys in the last decade to determine the extent of its resources.


1117: A79A633-D
1202: A79A735-E Ab

Despite chilly temperatures, increased trade between the Thinrim and the Stronghold boosted Yvette economically. The local oligarchy is a "techno-aristocracy" of successful businessmen and investors.


1117: B000457-D
1202: B000357-D Ab

Ling Standard Products and Tukera owned several major facilities here in the Antebellum period. The population loss is a reflection of the abandonment of the system by Tukera in 1127, and the later Abandonment due to Virus. Several facilities have been purchased by the Delphi Foundation, a "non-profit" group affiliated with the surviving Tukera family.


1117: A120675-C
1202: A120658-E GA/RR

Sestao has always been a vital naval base for the Third Imperium, for it was the spinward end of the Imperial Governments secret courier route across the Great Rift. In fact the local naval base commander was always of Vice Admiral rank or higher, with full command authority over Deneb and Reft sector military commands, to enforce Imperial edicts at once. When Strephon sent advance warning about Virus to the Domain of Deneb, Sestao again fulfilled this vital role, and the command to impose and enforce what would become the Quarantine came from here. The various feuding communities were placed under a unitary military government in response to the crisis, and only regained home rule in 1182.


1117: D6689CG-9
1202: C66888A-A EC/RR

Gorod's repressive "Council of Princes" tried for years to ignore the Representational Reforms. The Council's control was loosened by the growing need for trade within the Regency, which undermined their attempts at isolating the population from "spurious" contact and its infectious ideas of democratic reform and economic progress. Fear of revolution led to growing factionalism within the Council. This led to a brief bout of bloody civil war starting in 1158, undermining popular confidence that reform would ever be enacted, and the Escape Clause caused the flight of hundreds of millions of people to Zeng and Vestus. The war finally sputtered out in 1162, and the surviving Council was convinced by the Regency government to accept a compromise under the Reforms, and the local bureaucracy succeeded it in 1165.

Usher Subsector

This subsector was, and still is, an underdeveloped backwater. This relative lack of population and untapped resources made it an attractive target to Aslan Ihatei even before the Civil War, and the local Domain of Deneb forces already had their hands full keeping out encroachers. The Civil War caused the dam to break, and the region was inundated with Ihatei that quickly swept aside the local military garrisons. The collapse of this flank eventually caused the collapse of the Domain's defenses in neighboring Tobia/Trojan Reach, and by 1119 the invaders were beginning to infiltrate into the Marches and even some parts of Deneb. The successful balance of power strategy pursued by the new Trojan Reach sector duke slowed and then halted their advance, and the Collapse allowed for the recapture of the subsector in 1131. Despite this, Many sections of Usher are held only tentatively by the Regency. Many areas that were placed into the Frontier act as if nominally independent or under the rule of the Aslan Hierate; caution is advised for travellers moving through the region.

Population (1117/1201): 57.0/50.0 Million
Industrial Worlds: None
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 8.7/9.1
Senate Contingent: 43


1117: A482444-C
1202: A482574-E FA

Large Ihatei incursions created an Aslan population too large to displace. After quick negotiations in 1131, large sections of the world were ceded to the Aslan and declared Fait Accompli.


1117: B737332-B
1202: B7374M8-B FA

Formerly known as Bastion. Heavy fighting caused the loss of this world to the Aslan in 1117, and the Regency would not reclaim the world until 1131. Political necessity caused the world to be declared Fait Accompli the following year. The local military base is a cause for major concern for the Regency, as it is the only Aslan military facility within the sphere of its control. But because the facility is located within the Frontier, the Regency can only keep it under close surveillance.


1117: D9B227A-4
1202: X9B2000-0 Ab

Neon had been previously home to several small gas refineries with primitive facilities. Concern over safety in the face of Virus caused the Regency to buy out the local "governments" and evacuate the populace safeside.


1117: B463695-7
1202: B463787-7 AR

The site of some of the heaviest fighting during the Ihatei invasions. The recapture of this world was accomplished by an actual Regency military invasion. The world was considered to be too strategic to permit Aslan domination, and a sizeable force of Marines and Army troops were landed to seize the world and its vital facilities, and to disarm the local clans. When the clans resisted, the Regency troops were only too happy to oblige them with measured force of their own, and the local clan leaders and their Trekhyair were forcibly ejected after brief fighting.


1117: B691420-D
1202: B691320-B GA

Fraaga was evacuated after several "near misses" with Vampire Fleets during the period of 1141-52. At least three fleets, and a number of Vampire "erratics" penetrated the Rift at or near this world. While all of these forces have been defeated before they could inflict major damage, the Regency government relocated the population to other nearby worlds, except for a small population adjacent to the well defended downport and scout base. Why Vampires succeed in crossing the Rift here at Fraaga, and why they seem to prefer this world has attracted heavy scrutiny, but no real answers.

New Islands Subsector

New Islands was severel ravaged by 35 years of heavy fighting between the factions of Serendip, New Colchis and Joyeuse. Several worlds were depopulated as a result of collateral damage, and several remain on life support. Relations between the Regency and the local industrial worlds are relatively cool, though mostly as a residue of the bitter hostility that exists between the warring groups. The lesser worlds have come to see the Regency Peacekeepers as saviors, and one world, Topas, has permitted a Regency appointed governor to take over rebuilding and administration. Privately many of these worlds would like to see more forceful action by the Regency, but the government is reluctant to spend more resources in this region than it has too. Population (1117/1202): 40.9/49.4 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 4
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.3/10.1
Senate Contingent: 101


1117: C445655-7
1202: C445720-8 IW

The main interface world between the Islands and the Regency has a wild and carefree existence. While Island's worlds are quite distant from the main body of the Regency, the level of trade and contact with it are still quite significant for a region whose worlds practiced economic self-sufficiency. The local communities are filled with travellers waiting for clearance to enter the Regency for various errands, and a thriving set of businesses that cater to the needs of arriving and departing Navy/RPKF units. The local Amber Zone is supposed to reflect the heavy security presence of the Regency military and RQS, but increasingly seems to have more to do with the growing bacchanalia down on the surface.


1117: C8B0263-A
1202: X8B0000-0 IW

The cause of Wellington's depopulation is still a mystery to RQS forces examining the world. The local facilities appear only lightly damaged, and no bodies or war damage have been found.


1117: C879425-5
1202: C879567-5 IW

Despite very cold temperatures and a high amount of chlorine in the atmosphere, the world managed to attract a fair number of refugees from Esperanza. The population density eventually shifted to the Anglophones, and the world declared its allegiance for Esperanza in 1144, even though the homeworld is rarely in contact with its local "representatives."


1117: C764567-9
1202: E764769-8 IW

Heavy fighting in the middle portion of the subsector, and growing disenchantment with the Serendip government drove millions of people from their homes and to this warm and pleasant world. The starport was apparently destroyed by a New Colchis strike force, and the locals have not rebuilt it for a lack of money and fear of further attacks. While still loyal to Serendip, the Regency has become the main power on the world, as its forces cushion against a return to the bloody past.

New Colchis

1117: A8959AA-C
1202: A8959AD-B IW

New Colchis is the center of Anti-Regency fervor in the subsector. Despite its heavy losses and profitless military campaigns, the local government still clings to the hope of resuming and winning the war no matter what the cost. The war has inflicted too much damage to the world and loss of prestige for the local dictatorship to declare a truce and accept peace. While the world has not been specifically listed as an Amber Zone, visiting Regency personnel recieve a chilly, passive aggressive reception from the locals. New Colchis' polluted and careworn cities are not inviting places to visit anyway, and the increasingly totalitarian regime is making them less so.


1117: X885600-0
1202: X885647-0 IW

Orphee is home to a peaceful hexapodal minor race. New Colchis apparently contacted the world in 1109, and annexed it into its sphere of control. The Regency divested them of the world in 1140 after hearing reports of exploitation of the aliens. Because of the offworld contact, interdiction was out of the question, and a permanent RISS presence exists on the world. The Orpheides have little interest in offworld technological assistance after mistreatment at the hands of the New Colchisians, and the scout contact team has respected their wishes.


1117: D120899-5
1202: E120869-5 IW

Topas suffered severely in the war between Neubayern/Old Islands and Serendip. The small, hostile world has adopted an RQS dominated government structure in an effort to prevent future military disruption.


1117: B502532-9 (1525)
1202: B502455-7 IW

Elysee was severely damaged in fighting during the war. The current government was enacted after Regency forces arrived to enforce a truce. The local communities are slowly falling apart from a lack of qualified maintenance personnel and spare parts, and the world may have to either evacuate completely or accept greater Regency assistance. The locals are so disgusted with the combatants that offworld forces must carry out their battles far from the main communities, or risk retaliatory attacks from the populace.


1117: C201341-9
1202: D201457-8 IW

In contrast to Elysee, Besancon has actually increased in population. A number of warring units "adopted" local communities, and now use them to house their dependents and logistical support personnel. Relations with the local RQS are patchy, as the necessity of offworld resupply tends to override any local hostility felt for the peacekeepers.


1117: D600437-7
1202: X600000-0 IW

Berlichengen's demise was due to heavy battle damage infliced by a Serendip strike force in 1132. Most of the population perished in the attack, and the remainder died of a lack of water, food and air in the weeks that followed. In a major departure from the kids gloves treatment that typifies the Regency's relations with the Islands, the Serendip military officers responsible for this raid were seized, tried and convicted for war crimes.

Old Islands Subsector

The level of fighting in this subsector was much less than in New Islands. Mostly this was due to good relations between Sansterre and New Home, which eliminated a military confrontation between those two worlds, and allowed them to concentrate their efforts against the other two major powers. Damage was also reduced thanks to Neubayern's divided attention and foolish insistence on fighting three different fronts at once, and Amondiage's disfunctional dictatorship. Nevertheless a number of worlds were lost either due to battle damage or Viral penetration under the cover of the fighting. Relations with the Regency are much warmer, for unlike the New Islands, the Old Islands have finally tired of warfare, and are looking for a peaceful resolution. Population (1117/1202):10.6/11.8 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 4
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 11.7/10.7
Senate Contingent: 65


1117: DAC1451-6
1202: XAC1000-0 IW

Otherwise known as Sturgeon's Law. The world apparently suffered a major life support failure in 1121, and spare parts for the system were denied by the heavy fighting around them. The system died in 1123, and resettlement is unthinkable, much less feasible.


1117: A7889C9-C
1202: A7889C8-B IW

Neubayern has quietly stood down from a war footing in the last twenty years. The local population has seen its best and brightest cut down on numerous war fronts, and the governments feckless attempt at fighting nearly every faction it could has exhausted the world economically and politically. Political dissent has been rising since it became clear that the Regency would not relinquish control, and the populace has demanded their leaders apply for investment and reconstruction money from the Tower and the Regency Safe. So far dissent has been muted, and the government is looking for a compromise.

RQB Avant

1117: C000366-A
1202: D000367-B GA

Formerly known as Schleisen Belt. Avant was apparently abandoned by the Neubayern government in 1126 in the face of heavy raids by New Home. Avant is now a buffer zone between new conflict between those two worlds.

New Home

1117: A565857-D
1202: A565859-B IW

The Island's anglophonic communities have been unusually aggressive compared to their neighbors (particularly the francophones), and New Home is no exception. The local government is still on a heightened war footing, though more and more of its resources seem consigned to repairing damage inflicted by Neubayern and Amondiage commerce raiders. The regression in tech level has distressed the common people, and resistance to the planetary government is rising, leading to an increase in police control.


1117: B676898-9
1202: C676969-8 IW

Colchis was the sight of major fighting between factions backed by Amondiage and New Home. After heavy fighting, New Home's forces won a pyrrhic victory in 1128. The fighting has broken the world economically, and the local populace has sullenly accepted their subjugation to NH.


1117: C460100-A
1202: D460366-8 IW

Despite high temperatures, St.Genevieve attracted sizeable forces from nearly all of the major factions in the subsector. The lives of the local fighting men are extremely miserable, and the "fighting" usually consists of firing a few rounds over the heads of the opposing forces. The local desertion rate is high, and troops are more interested in marking time until their enlistments run out, or their leaders finally get some sense and withdraw them from this godforsaken world. Oddly enough, the civilian population "increases" when the world is visited by Regency forces or traders, as small groups of soldiers attempt to steal away on Regency ships to either their homeworlds or safeside.

RQB Mitchell

1117: E101100-A
1202: X101100-A GA

Formerly known as Achille. Mitchell was apparently a victim of Viral attack in 1137. The small size of the facilities, and the uselessness of the world do not warrant anything more than a small Echelon listening post to monitor insystem traffic.

RQB Myers

1117: D735764-7
1202: D735368-A GA

Formerly known as St.Denis. Myers is a bonafide Vampire casualty, no evidence of infection exists, owing to the low local tech level. Logically this should have been the end of the RQS mission on the world, but the facility remains in full operation, and its mission has never been publicly announced.

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