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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 7311 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin
Surface Water: 92%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 65.433 Billion
Government: Religious Autocracy
Law Level: 14
Tech Level: 15 verging on 16

Lintl is ruled by the oppressive religion, a cult espousing the worship of an all pervading pantheistic continuum known as the Totality. Enlightenment and salvation proceeds by total submission to the continuum, and full acceptance of the rules and edicts of its autarch-priests and their ministers. The world was, and to some degree still is, an oppressive and paranoid world. For while the Totality church still rules this vitally important industrial world, its power and influence have been waning for years in the face of the Representational Reforms.

Most impetus for reform has come from younger members of the population, who wish to remove the blinders enforced by the church, and fulfill the vast untapped potential of their world's massive technological and academic base. These "Young Lions" are not totally disrespectful to their old faith, but are seeking to reform it into a religion that accepts ideas "outside of the box". In compensation for their seeming apostasy, these Lions are ambitious for themselves, their world and their faith to a much greater degree than the old religious hiearchy had ever been; while the Totality faith is becoming much more benign in their hands, the possibility of renewed commercial dominance by Lintl has mixed reviews in Reft and some parts of Deneb.

Since the Collapse, more and more of the population has been relocated away from cramped subterranean and underwater arcologies into grav cities and orbital habitats financed by high demand for the world's TL 15 products. Most of Lintl's major factories are located in low or geostationary orbit in what is refered to as the Outer and Inner Space Rings. Most of the worlds food is also produced here, in large sheets of translucent material called Biocube. A massive grouping of Regency military owned shipyards and munition plants, known as Plant 76, are also located here, and are posted offlimits to casual passerbys and civilain ships. In the past offworlders were confined to the starport extrality zone; the escape clause ended that intentional isolationism, and the old zone has blossomed into a commercial zone known as the Beer Garden. A massive number of offworld industries and companies have facilities here, and the emerging bureaucratic government is using this contacts to obtain the tools and materials necessary to rapidly modernise the world to TL-16, and present a fait accompli to the Regency government.

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