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by Pete Grey

Viceroy is briefly described in Traveller's Digest 20, and is the subject of the Grand Tour Adventure therein.

Viceroy possesses a high dense atmosphere that becomes a liquid within its deep crevices and valleys. Colonists initially bypassed the world in their initial settlement waves of the subsector. It was impossible to surmount the high dense atmosphere with whatever resources and technology available to the Rule of Man era, and it was folly to even try. It wasn't until the 750s that settlement of the world was finally achieved.

The world was owned and managed by a sequence of different mining and development companies that were exhausted by the expensive automated systems and remote mining operations required to extract Viceroy's rich mineral resources. The world eventually became the property of Vorkash Manufacturing, a company then very active within the Spinward Hinters. Vorkash eliminated the bulky automated methods, and converted to a labor intensive system of manned mining. Vorkash sank a series of vertical mine shafts in the highlands, and constructed a radiating network of underground tunnels that reached the various ore bodies. Several large orbital habitats were constructed for employees, who shuttled down for uninterrupted six day work shifts.

While this finally made Viceroy a profitable venture, the dangerous conditions within the mines, and the crowded, squalid living quarters the miners were given, made it difficult to hire and retain workers. Fearful of losing profits, the companies unscrupulous RGM (Regional General Manager) created a kidnapping ring that shanghaied members of a human minor race on nearby Halka (0510), and brought thousands to work the mines as slave labor. A group of travellers stumbled across this operation in 1121, and revealed it to the Florian authorities. The RGM and his cohorts were imprisoned, and Vorkash was forced to submit to outside inspections of the facilities.

The Post-Collapse period intensified corporate competition within the Hinters, and Vorkash was forced to merge or sell it various divisions to its competitors. The world is currently owned by a division of a company named Anaconda-AX, a former division of LSP. Anaconda sails very close to the wind in most of its operations, and the Florian League has closely scrutinised its operations since it bought out the world in 1154. The company has begun to phase out the cumbersome manned system in favor of new automated systems specifically designed for long term use under local conditions. Manufacturing complexes have begun to spring up in the higher elevations or in orbit, a most of the labor force has shifted towards skilled professionals.

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