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by Pete Grey

Hadara was once known as the Basket Case of the Reach. The Rule of Man colonists that settled on the world were from a sublight ship that accompanied several across the Rift, a fleet that included the colonists that settled Crescent. Their landing on Hadara was a shambles due to poor leadership and disorganisation, and they barely salvage enough material to eke out a living on their hostile world.

Technological regression slowly sapped the worlds strength, as the colonists lost the ability to construct basic industrial machinery, and could only jury rig repairs to their domes after some time. Survival was further complicated by the colonists burgeoning population, which strained the failing life support plants and available living space to the limit. Offworld assistance was offered by a number of interested parties, but was spurned by the xenophobic locals until the early 1000s.

Their choice of saviors was less than beneficial. They chose a consortium of private companies to take care of world recovery, but it turned out to be a dummy front for a group of oppurtunistic mercenaries based within the Florian League. The mercs converted the world into a base for their operations, and used their superior firepower and control of offworld shipments to coerce the Hadarans into submission. The inhabitants extracted ore and worked in labor houses under close guard, and were never allowed offworld or to come in unsupervised contact with offworlders.

While these abuses were common knowledge among Imperial and Florian officials, both governments followed a non-interference policy in regards to non-aligned worlds in the Reach. What was unknown to both governments was that these mercs were actually a front organisation as well, and was actually a Zhodani military unit supporting the Consulates own operations against Imperial and Florian interests, and their base on nearby Pa'an.

It wasn't until a chance discovery by a Florian naval patrol of Zhodani military traffic moving through the system just before the Fifth Frontier War that action was taken against the planetary government. The Florian military, supported by some Imperial units, seized the world in 1108 and terminated most of the Zhodani and their agents in a bloody purge. Hadara was placed under League protection, and a Florian garrison was stationed to protect against future Zhodani aggression.

In the wake of detente between with the Zhodani, the Florians downgraded the garrison, and slowly rebuilt the worlds infrastructure and institutions as preperation for independence. Schools and hospitals were constructed, and the older colony domes were demolished in favor of new structures that the Hadarans could maintain on their own. By the time of independence in 1180, Hadara was fully capable of managing itself for the first time in centuries.

Currently Hadara is trying to attract more trade through its port, though mostly this has been traffic moving between the Florians and the Aslan, which doesn't amount to very much given lingering hostilities. The world is ruled by the last colonial governor, and this is considered to be a transitional government until the locals get better accustomed to self-rule. Relations with the Florians are very warm, and League naval vessels were welcomed with enthusiastic crowds before it became clear that this was alienating the growing tide of Aslan merchants. The world is now a clearinghouse for trade between the two antagonists, with the Hadarans acting as brokers for the movement and sale of commodities between their borders.

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