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by Pete Grey

Trossachs is the Florian League's most heavily populated world, and its largest exporter of goods and services to other Spinward States. Located within the small cluster of worlds at the rimward end of Menorial, its strategic location makes it the Leagues main outlet to its markets in the Regency and Foreven Sector.

Like most League worlds, Trossachs was originally settled by Solomani colonists during the Long Night. When contacted by the League in 134, the world was balkanised between several rival factions armed with nuclear weapons. The League Navy set up a blockade that coerced several states into League membership, and Florian colonists began settling the world in the late 100s. Over the next seven centuries, the Florian inflow slowly overwhelmed the other non-League nations, and the world was unified by decree in 823. However, the Florian population only makes up about a third of the total, and some regions are predominantly Solomani in lineage and culture.

The world has been an industrial world since the 600s, and its cities were once grim and polluted from neglect and decay. In the period before the Third Frontier War, the most polluted cities were abandoned and their populations were relocated to several new oceanic arcologies. The ruins of these cities still dot the countryside, and their pollution has slowly subsided, allowing farms and suburbs to reside among their ghostly empty towers and neighborhoods. Most of the population lives within the arcologies, and the countryside has been left completely empty for agriculture and ecological preserves. Years of wasteful dumping of industrial pollutants into the air and water have left the atmosphere tainted, and it will still be a couple of centuries before the taint will settle out.

Trossachs main industries are oriented towards making cheap consumer products for both the home and international markets. This runs the gamut from consumer electronics to civilian transport products like grav vehicles. The local shipyards produce cheap TL-13 starships for commercial interests throughout the Spin Extents, and include major corporate clients in the Regency. The volume of trade that visits the world is significant, and the world's starports and trade facilities rate as its second largest industry. Many traders within the four corner region of Menorial, Urnian, Five Sisters and Marrekesh patronise the world as their primary maintenance facility.

Trossachs is also famous, or infamous, for its vast number of corporate holdings. In antebellum times the world was a major hub for corporate and government intrigue waged between legitimate and dummy corporations for one power or the other. Imperial and Zhodani intelligence services maintained a number of safehouses and support facilities for their operations in the Reach, and covert wars erupted between these groups from time to time. Trade wars between rival corporations were also raging much of the time, featuring mostly usual suspects like LSP and Sternmetal, BT and McClellan Factors, SusAG and Delgado. These activities have cooled considerably since the Collapse, though simmering tensions still exist between rival shipping corps, and new tensions have arisen between new corporate players.

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