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by Pete Grey

Fissolon is a backwater water world with a few interesting mineral resources, and little else. Nearly all of the world is covered in water, with a few islands scattered about the surface. The world is home to two antagonistic communities, a majority Florian colony, and a sizeable grouping of Droyne. The two groups, despite their similarities in cultural outlook, have never gotten along.

This anatagonism is a relic inherited from the original Solomani inhabitants. The Solomani were disinterested in the barren islands on the surface, and were happy with free-floating city-ships that sailed from one mineral source to another. The Droyne arrived insystem in 177, and were granted the barren islands for inhabitation by the human population rather than any place within the main community. But as populations soared within the city-ships, requiring the creation of more permanent habitats and the development of more diverse food sources, the Droyne barred the human populace from their rapidly greening islands, remembering their earlier mistreatment.

Tensions between the two groups boiled over in a general world war, a war that the humans lost, and the Florians took over Fissolon in 383. For most of the world's history, the Florian rulers were able to balance the two groups needs against each other, and make both communities cooperate, even if grudgingly. A workable combination of trade and reciprocal relations kept the peace between them, and allowed for a semi-equitable distribution of resources. Development of the world was not a high-priority for the Florians in those days, and the government could act as a neutral body that could enforce the law with the highest standards of integrity.

But as the Florian component of the population continued to grow, it overtook the original native human population and began to displace it. The Solomani split into several camps, and either adapted to the Florians in various ways, or were absorbed within the Droyne community. As the Florians began using their neutral position to advance their own agenda, it placed them increasingly at odds with the Droyne. The demands made upon their agricultural output by the world and League governments has often escalated into brief but bloody wars waged mostly with Solomani mercenary and subject forces trained and maintained for such purposes.

The last Island War occured in 1153 and ended in a stalemate like most of the others. The Florian League has attempted to defuse the tensions between the Droyne and the planetary authorities, but with little success. The reason for the wars have shifted from legitimate grievances to economic survival: war is good buisness for everyone. Most fighting is strictly controlled by prearranged rules of engagement, and much of it occurs away from inhabited areas on remote beaches and atolls.

Fissolon's economy has sputtered as the mineral deposits have played out. Aquaculture and minor manufacturing in support of the League's main production centers are the primary employers in peacetime, and these do not attract much profit. Therefore military industries have become the main drivers of conflict, and exports of cheap TL 7-9 weapons are a major source of income, much to the dismay of the peaceable Florian mainstream.

Fissolon is a rather unattractive world for most traders anyway. The world's algae expell large amounts of halogenic vapor into the atmosphere, giving a green-brown haze from chlorine and iodine vapor. The local food is an aquired taste thanks to this taint, and little of it is palatable to offworld consumers.

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