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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 2691 Miles
Atmosphere: None
Surface Water: None
Climate: Hot
Population: 46.85 Million
Government: Subjugated (Council appointed by Berg)
Law Level: 1
Tech Level: 7

The Grudovo Pendant is a j-1 cluster of 13 worlds that connects Tobia/Trojan Reach with neighboring Usher/Reft. Originally a cluster of little economic presence or importance, its economic value has risen in proportion with the rising volume of trade that passes between Lintl and Tobia.

Dimorus was originally settled during the Rule of Man period by a far ranging Solomani colonisation mission. Cut off by the Long Night, the local government barely managed to keep the habitation domes functioning through thousands of years of isolation. When recontacted by the the Third Imperium in 340, the local ruling council accepted its sovereignty and offworld trade, but their ability to maintain their original tech levels continued to deteriorate. The Ihatei invasion of 1119 punctured the worlds feeble defenses, and the locals panicked. When the Regency reclaimed the world in 1132, the First Regeny convinced the government of Berg to make Dimorus a protectorate, and aid in its recovery.

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