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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 6237 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 69%
Climate: Normal
Population: 265
Government: Demos
Law Level: 0
Tech Level: 11
The Grudovo Pendant is a j-1 cluster of 13 worlds that connects Tobia/Trojan Reach with neighboring Usher/Reft. Originally a cluster of little economic presence or importance, its economic value has risen in proportion with the rising volume of trade that passes between Lintl and Tobia.

Despite its seeming attractiveness to offworld development, the planet formerly known as Our Planet is home to forests of invasive plant species and ferocious macrofauna. The few colonists that arrived here were mostly hunters and conservationists that subsisted off of whatever they gathered in the outback, or as guides and outfitters for offworld hunters. During the Civil War, the locals became vassals to the Ihatei of the Hreakhari clan, in return for their patronage and money. Since the Civil War, the locals have begun to pool their money and are slowly expanding their community to attract offworld immigration.

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