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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class A, Naval and Scout Base
Diameter: 7397 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin with sulfur taint.
Surface Water: 0%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 94.52 Million Droyne
Government: Traditional Droyne
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 14
The Grudovo Pendant is a j-1 cluster of 13 worlds that connects Tobia/Trojan Reach with neighboring Usher/Reft. Originally a cluster of little economic presence or importance, its economic value has risen in proportion with the rising volume of trade that passes between Lintl and Tobia.

The Droyne of Ayidem live in large cliffside communities that dot an escarpment that scars the entire surface of the world. This scarp is a remnant of the Ancients Weapon that nearly shattered the world during the Final War. The same attack destroyed the world's small oceans and a blew a good protion of the atmosphere into space. The surface temperatures are too high for the Droyne, and they spend most of the day underground, opting for a semi-nocturnal existence. The Ayidem Droyne are famous for their volunteer military units that serve in the Regency Army's XIV Corps, a unit heavily involved in peacekeeping operations along the Thinrim. These Droyne units are seen as neutral parties by both Aslan rulers and human resistance groups, and their psionic abilities make them feared by troublemakers. Ayidem's shipyards are jointly owned by the planetary government and the Regency military; its main products are naval logistical ships and a few traditional Droyne designs.

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