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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 1028 Miles
Atmosphere: Trace
Surface Water: 10% Ice
Climate: Frozen
Population: 3208 (102 Aslan)
Government: Subjugated (Administered from Berg)
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 9
The Grudovo Pendant is a j-1 cluster of 13 worlds that connects Tobia/Trojan Reach with neighboring Usher/Reft. Originally a cluster of little economic presence or importance, its economic value has risen in proportion with the rising volume of trade that passes between Lintl and Tobia.

Khaliki was originally Trojan Reach's prison world. When Aslan forces overran the system in 1120, they inadvertently set the prisoners free. While most of the escaped convicts were recaptured, the prison's security was too compromised to permit it to reopen in its old role, and it has been shuttered ever since.

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