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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 6043 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard tainted with pollutants
Surface Water: 52%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 512,000 (105,000 Aslan)
Government: Balkanised (1 human nation and 5 Aslan enclaves)
Law Level: 5
Tech Level: 13
The Grudovo Pendant is a j-1 cluster of 13 worlds that connects Tobia/Trojan Reach with neighboring Usher/Reft. Originally a cluster of little economic presence or importance, its economic value has risen in proportion with the rising volume of trade that passes between Lintl and Tobia.

Berg was settled as a breadbasket world by Tobia in 822. Thick brush and weeds often take over the fallow grain fields, and burning of these thickets by farmers drives particulate matter into the atmosphere that can be quite irritating to humans. Bergians are notorious workaholics, and they hold faithfully to their routine, and little tolerate offworlders who badger or otherwise consume their time with trivial matters. This "work before play" attitude explains the quick assimilation of the Aslan Ihatei; to hate or single them out for discrimination takes too much time and effort away from what is considered to be important. Berg's downport is relatively small for a world its size, as most of the harvest is directly loaded from the fields on to bulk carriers that have landed nearby. The highport is another matter, with a population of 135,000 people it is one of the largest such facilities for a world of this size in the Thinrim. Nearly two thirds of the traffic between Colony Five or Lintl, and Tobia, passes through its berths.

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