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UWP Update

by Pete Gray

This is an interpretive update of UWP data in Regency Sourcebook. This is chiefly to explain changes in data that occured between 1117 and 1202. This section covers Regency held portions of Trojan Reach.

This data has been confined to the Regency in light of the major impact of major events like the Abandonment, Fait Accompli and the Representational Reforms. The format goes by subsector, broken down into individual world entries, which are further divided by 1117 and 1202 UPP data, followed by brief comments on the reason or mechanism of change, and in some cases a brief explanation for its current conditions.

Code Data for Notes
Ab Abandonment (either immigration or emigration)
AR Abandonment and Resettlement (due to Aslan invasions of 1119-1122)
CD Colonial Development
EC Representational Reform Escape Clause
FA Fait Accompli
GA Government (Regency) Action
RR Representational Reform Referendum
** Other

Pax Rulin Subsector

Pax Rulin is bitterly divided. Several worlds fought off major Ihatei incursions during the Civil War period, and suffered major damage. Since then local attitudes towards their new neighbors have been schizophrenic, being both vengeful and solicitious. Many worlds are equally comfortable with trading with the local Aslan, or training and equipping terrorists and guerillas to attack them. The situation has not been helped by the fact that several of the subsectors worlds were partially assimilated Terran, ROM or Long Night era colonies that were only nominally controlled by the Third Imperium and the DoD in the antebellum period.

Population (1117/1201): 60.0/83.0 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 4
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 9.3/12.9
Senate Contingent: 73


1117: A4699B9-B
1202: A4699N9-E FA

Formerly known as Cyan. The loss of this world to the Aslan was a major blow to the new Regency government. Besides an accompanying loss in prestige, the new Aslan lords were vehemently Anti-Human. They instituted oppressive practices that slowly drove the human population from the planet, and to emigrate to other Regency worlds. Despite major protests by surrounding worlds, the Regency government did little to remedy the situation. "Bleeding Cyan" became a rallying cry for resistance groups on other Fait Accompli worlds, and a major flashpoint of the Liberation Riots of the 1160s.


1117: A400369-B
1202: A400358-F **

This barren rock recieved its independence right after the Regency ceded Cyan to the Aslan. The world's shipyards were bought out by Spector Ironworks, and is a major manufacturer of custom built Aslan craft.


1117: A633966-B
1202: A633986-E **

Another world that recieved independence in the wake of Cyan's fall. Perrior has been more amenable towards the Aslan than most worlds in either Pax Rulin or Glisten subsectors. Its shipyards are a major source of starships constructed for the Aslan market, including the Aslan Quarantine fleet.


1117: E413730-3
1202: E413776-7 **

Rhysk and Caraz were originally settled by Solomani colonists who departed from Earth in sublight craft during the early years of the Interstellar Wars. By the time the Third Imperium was founded, its people had slipped into semi-barbarism, and slowly but surely they losed the memory and ability to maintain their habitation domes and life support machinery. Prior to 1033 it had been interdicted by IISS to protect the local culture, until somebody figured out that if the Imperium didn't step in to help the colonists out, there would be no developing culture at all. The interdiction was lifted, limited contact and trade was permitted, but local xenophobia slowed the world's assimilation into the Imperial mainstream. While the local population is quite friendly with Imperial culture humans, they react violently towards alien races. When the Aslan briefly took the world in 1119, the locals resisted violently. The world has shattered into factions, and is once again interdicted.


1117: BAC0789-6
1202: CAC0589-9 AR

Thant is violently volcanic, and a combination of very hot temperatures (melting point of lead) and moderate amounts of Sulfuric acid make this world a difficult environment to exist in. Aslan forces destroyed several habitations and the main starport, forcing an evacuation of 99% of the population.

Gazulin Subsector

The peace in this subsector is fragile and subject to constant disruption. Most of the Regency's Aslan live here, and a couple of worlds are Fait Accompli. Most of the Liberation forces present here are the result not so much of Aslan occupation, but because of its successful resistance to occupation. Only a few worlds actually fell to the invaders, thanks to the policies of the subsector duke, Sharrik Arcadia of Gazulin, which divided the invading clans against themselves. But the subsequent failure to completely oust the invaders after the Collapse embittered local forces, and many worlds should be considered amber zones for Aslan visitors and traders.

Population (1117/1201): 12.7/102.0 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 3
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.1/12.8
Senate Contingent: 89


1117: B533544-7
1202: B533589-A AR

Formerly known as Labora. The world originally lacked a military beyond lightly armed police, and Aslan Ihatei overran its defenses rather quickly. The invaders found very little of worth on the world, and most of them departed for Glisten, leaving a small occupation force to control the world. Weapons were smuggled to the local resistance, and an armed rebellion overpowered the garrison in 1123. Since Liberation, the new world military and its attendant bureaucracy have come to dominate the government. A good portion of the population are military reservists to whom weapons are issued by the government. The locals have proven quite useful for reactionary elements in the Thinrim, who have hired them for use against rebellious elements, both Aslan and Humans.


1117: B000213-E
1202: C000355-C AR

Originally owned by Sternmetal, the colony was overrun by Aslan Ihatei in mid-1120. After the Ihatei were ousted, the colony charter was sold to several smaller companies, former independent contractors native to the system, trying to profit from the absence of their larger nemesis.


1117: B545451-8
1202: B545410-9 AR

Corben is controlled by Spinward Development Corp. SDC, otherwise known as Venturprise outside of the Regency, has been accused of harboring Anti-Aslan guerillas several times in the past.


1117: AA86987-B
1202: AA86A96-C CD/Ab

Gazulin was the recipient of massive offworld immigration during the Abandonment and the aftermath of the Rape of Trin. A good portion of its population came from either Borlund/Lamas, Atadl/Atsah or Trin; when these groups are combined with some sixteen billion Aslan, the world is quite volatile, requiring the government to distance itself from its citizens.


1117: D879625-7
1202: D879740-9 AR/CD

O'Keefe is one of several worlds dominated by so called Liberation Militias. The local culture is heavily armed, and is a fertile recruiting ground for Anti-Aslan guerilla and terrorist forces. Despite this volunteerist spirit, the local government takes great pains in ensuring that it is never linked directly to these activities.


1117: D200768-8
1202: D200786-9 RR

This world recieved its independence in 1161. The locals are quite disgusted with the militant culture that has developed in Gazulin, and take major pains to prevent weapon shipments through their port.


1117: B763773-6
1202: B7637H4-7 FA

Formerly known as Junction. This world is violently torn apart between warring Aslan clans, and a human population driven to vengeful raiding.


1117: B440344-7
1202: B440353-9 AR

Fintor's settlements were severely damaged by the invading Aslan, and the survivors have "bunkered" down into fortified camps. Offworlders are actually subjected to stricter laws than those implied by the UPP code, and must wear identifying clothing at all times or risk being arrested or fired upon.


1117: C9C6225-9
1202: C9C6242-B AR

Bleak has a highly radioactive atmosphere, and was only colonised to exploit its rich ore beds. The local community panicked when it heard that the Aslan were coming in 1120, and fled for Lintl. The Aslan landed a small party there a few months after they left, which proceeded no further than the landing berm, before their commanders decided to look for an easier payoff.


1117: A560676-A
1202: A5606K7-B FA

Formerly known as Mirage. The fractured human community doesn't seem to notice the Aslan, and frequently ignore their authority. High surface temperatures and a lack of potable water sources limit the occupying aliens to the starport and a few major settlements, and seem pretty content with the status quo.


1117: E000120-A
1202: D000241-B AR

Fergus was resettled by a small community of belters in 1137. The old research station is defunct, and the old facilities have been salvaged by the new colonists. The recent leak of the RASAC archives have revealed the retention, by the Regency government, of an auxilliary facility of the old station. This is a remote planetoid known as HH-4301, that has been interdicted by the RQS since about 1145. While obviously related to Viral research, the exact nature of this facility is unknown, and unauthorised ship traffic is prohibited from approaching within 3 million kilometers.


1117: D303696-8
1202: D303651-A RR

Ploderash is one of the most extreme cases of "militantitis" to sweep the Thinrim. Weapon ownership is mandatory for the entire population, and every adult must recieve one hundred hours of military training per year. This is in response to the rapid collapse of the local military in the face of Ihatei invaders, and the subsequent sack of the local starport. The locals are vehemently Anti-Aslan, but generally do not export militants to other Fait Accompli worlds or harass Aslan outside of their own system.

Sindal Subsector

The hold of the Third Imperium over this subsector was tenous at best in Antebellum times. Aside from Albe, the region was a frontier backwater that challenged the local authorities, who were more often than not ignored by the populace. The predominantly Imperial culture worlds to rim and spinward were prosperous trading partners, and the Imperial border was a severe inconvenience to commerce. The Ihatei invasion of the subsector was only briefly held up by human resistance, and the shock of this event has yet to dissapate in the local mindset. Like so many parts of the Reach, the local governments are dominated by armed militias that are themselves outgrowths of Civil War-era resistance groups. Actual violence against the Aslan, with the exception of Yewearl, has become quite rare, as new trading oppurtunities and the massive presence of the Regency military have defused tensions.

Population (1117/1201): 20.3/40.6
Industrial Worlds: 1
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 13.9/15.0
Senate Contingent: 32


1117: BAC889D-B
1202: BAC8850-E GA/RR

The Regency annexed previously non-aligned Dolberg in 1132, as part of its Final Adjustments. The Aslan found the world, and its highly "catalytic" atmosphere, to be highly disagreeable, and willingly surrendered their control. The pre-war government had been highly unpopular anyway, and was replaced with yet another variation of the "militia" governments that afflict the Thinrim. Local attitudes towards the Regency were initially cool, but have warmed up as government investment in its infrastructure and industrial base have positioned it as a future industrial power.


1117: A540A98-E
1202: A540A52-F RR

Albe's bureaucratic government disintegrated in the initial phases of the Aslan siege, and was replaced by the command councils of local militias that resisted the invaders semi-successfully. The local government is still violently factionalised, and travel between different territories is fraught with peril. No unified military exists beyond mutual aid agreements among the local warlords, and the Regency has had to step in directly to protect the world against future Aslan attacks or harassment.


1117: B750444-A
1202: B750435-B GA/**

Realgar was not as happy as Dolberg at being annexed, and its government has been keen on isolating Regency and Aslan migrants in an effort to retain its sense of sovereignty.


1117: B76A787-7
1202: B76A7M8-B GA/FA

Formerly known as Chalchiutlicu. Like Dolberg and Realgar, this world was non-aligned before being invaded by the Aslan, and its annexation into the Regency caused a good deal of controversy with their Aslan overlords, who felt that Norris had no legal right or precedent in doing so. The local human population is vehemently opposed to the Aslan, and a low level guerilla war has raged for the last seventy years.

Tobia Subsector

Tobia suffered the loss of several worlds to the Ihatei, but has not suffered the growth of violent human militias and "self defense" councils that afflict other Regency subsectors in the Reach. Much of this can be attributed to the the beneficial example of its namesake world, and longtime trade and cultural contacts with the Aslan. Of much more interest and importance has been the degradation of several local dictatorships thanks to the Representational Reforms.

Population (1117/1201): 27.4/34.2 Billion
Industrial Worlds: 2
Mean Tech Level(1117/1202): 12.4/14.5
Senate Contingent: 171


1117: B48668B-9
1202: B4866KB-E FA

Formerly known as Pryme. Several past wars and conflicts with the local human populace has severely bloodied the local Aslan clans, and the ownership of weapons has been severely curtailed. Interestingly the human populace has been quite willing to go along with these rules, having long tired of the disruptions of guerilla warfare.


1117: A758400-C
1202: A7585J7-C FA

Formerly known as Nekrino. The local humans were too dispersed and fragmented to resist the invading Aslan. Most have simply ignored their new overlords, and have come to dominate them economically.


1117: AAD98DK-A
1202: AAD98DK-A EC

This world is ruled by an apocalyptic cult known as the Prophets of Geynim. The Geynimites enshrined a number of senseless and cruel rituals into their liturgy, and a good portion the population was only too happy to leave as much distance between themselves and this godforsaken world as the Representational Reforms would allow them. The Prophets have largely ignored the defection of these "apostates", and the remnant population remains fanatically loyal to their priests and their idiot cult, a popular choice that the Regency must respect and abide by.


1117: B54699B-7
1202: A5469B9-D **

The government underwent a change in order to better spend the world's development funding.


1117: A350543-B
1202: A3505N7-E FA

Formerly known as Saurus. World is controlled by a vassal of the Ouokhoi clan (Aokhalte bloc). The world is a good source for lanthanum ore, and its capture was a major coup for the invading Aslan.


1117: X78A000-0
1202: E78A443-8 CD

This world is described in Regency Sourcebook. (The E class starport is my own late modification of the entry.)


1117: B520867-6
1202: B5208L8-A FA

Formerly known as Imisaa. Though under the control of the Aokhalte bloc, relations between the Regency and the local fteirle are better than expected, owing to the warm relations between the local humans and the immigrant Aslan. The world has long ties to Aslan traders, and unlike most Thinrim worlds, the Fteirle were tolerated and even welcomed.


1117: B789430-C
1202: B789696-D CD

This cold world became the primary interface with the Aslan Hierate in 1133. The local landbarons were intent upon retaining their power, and created an interlocking bureaucracy to frustrate the immigrants' attempts at breaking up their monopoly.


1117: D300755-4
1202: D300761-7 GA

This world's dilapidated pressure domes were further damaged by Aslan invaders in 1122, and the world surrendered its sovereignty to nearby Berg in return for technical assistance.


1117: B687100-A
1202: B687220-B

Formerly known as Our Planet. The local hunters and outfitters expanded their operations to attract Aslan clients, and democratised to pool and disburse the revenue they were earning.


1117: DAA08CC-5
1202: CAA08A5-8 EC/RR

The oppressive planetary council was slow to address popular grievances, and a significant portion of the population emigrated to Tobia rather than accept their continued rule. The commander of the local military, noticing how Attee (see below) was seriously depleted for failing to reform, launched a coup in 1156 that toppled the council. The removal of oppressive laws, and the successful opening of the world to outside development and investment led to the elevation of the genralissimo into a constitutional monarch in a 1176 referendum. The world is currently ruled by his daughter.


1117: C7529AE-4
1202: B7528AE-5 EC

The local dictatorship refused to believe that the Representational Reforms would seriously harm its power. While that is still true, nearly 90% of the population has emigrated to richer and freer worlds.

New Moscow

1117: B76779A-7
1202: C7677J8-5 FA/Ab

New Moscow was the target of Ihatei incursions even before the Imperial Civil War. Bloody fighting characterised its takeover, and its human defenders were so severely beaten that they welcomed the Abandonment with thinly disquised relief.


1117: A675542-B
1202: A675575-D AR

The local population successfully resisted an attack by Eakhitiyo ihatei in 1123, but were unable to dislodge them from a fortified position in the mountains overlooking the downport. A negotiated truce in 1125 ended the fighting, and the captured landholds were declared Fait Accompli. After several incidents between the ihatei factions, and with the human communities, local law levels were increased to defuse tensions. Berg is the main connector between Lintl and Tobia, and the Regency has made it crystal clear to the locals that a military conflict will not be tolerated.


1117: D867400-3
1202: D867534-6 CD

Kedus is another important connector world for the vital trade between the Thinrim and the Stronghold. The original population of dirt farmers has become wealthy off of tax proceeds from the overburdened port, and lord over newer immigrants in a boorish manner.


1117: A444A55-F
1202: A444A58-F **

Tobia's tightened law level is due to onworld Aslan immigration, but not as a discriminatory measure. The local government is quite solicitous of their new citizens and their money, and the tighter laws reflect the local antipathy towards the militarisation of other Thinrim worlds.


1117: B5A8764-A
1202: C5A86J6-8 FA/Ab

Along with New Moscow, Batav was taken by Aslan forces at the beginning of the Civil War period, but was partially abandoned when it ended up in the Regency Frontier. The local Aslan are a surly bunch anyway, as Batav's cold chlorine atmosphere discourages offworld contact anyway.

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