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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D, Naval Base
Diameter: 1488 Miles
Atmosphere: Trace
Surface Water: Varies
Climate: Hot (surface only)
Population: 7.41 Billion
Govern: Feudal Technocracy
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 12

Caraz is a massive, hollowed out asteroid, inhabited by Solomani descended from an ancient sublight colonisation mission. The internal environment of the asteroid is entirely self-contained, including several man-made lakes and "oceans" that provide water and humidity. Every twenty years or so, however, the world enters a dense cloud of cometary and asteroidal debris, which nearly blankets the world and cuts it off from external contact for seven or eight years. During these times, Caraz is red zoned, though stations exist insystem that transmit and recieve X-Web information to and from the world during the "shadow" season.

This predominantly Solomani colony was hollowed out of a large planetoid during the Long Night. The local system is quite young, and meteoric debris is present in large amounts, and collisions and bombardment forced the construction of subterranean habitats. The current colony was constructed with Imperial aid in the 1070s, and consists of a large spherical cavity nearly 200 kms in diameter, that has been progressively excavated for decades. Most of the population lives in the shell, leaving the inner surface reserved for farms and water courses. Several mirrors built down shafts leading from the surface reflect sunlight into the core. Because of its periodic isolation, the population has become rather content with its lot, though there is a major outflow of its young during those years it emerges from the dust clouds surrounding its primary. Several lengthy holidays commemorate important local events, and a carnival lasting upwards of a month are thrown just prior and after "occultation." The next emergence of Caraz will occur in 1204.

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