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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 10,253 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 72%
Climate: Tropical
Population: 77.54 Billion (16.65 Billion Aslan)
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 6
Tech Level: 12 in the major arcologies, 11 in the countryside and on neighboring moons.

Gazulin is the 10th of 12 moons orbiting Scarpetti, the systems innermost gas giant. While the world is coded high population, and is home to a massive number of industries, the world's primary export is agricultural produce from its huge overland farms. Two of Gazulin's sister moons, Ferrara and Prodigy, are high population worlds in their own right, and also produce grain and vegetables for export. Major terraforming projects carried out in the past have lowered the world's base temperature to one more amenable to the human populace.

The world was beseiged by Aslan Ihatei during the 1120s, and a few groups were able to capture landholds, but for the most part the world successfully resisted their efforts. Indeed the emphasis upon its defense forced the majority of Aslan Ihatei forces to be committed to its reduction, slowing further incursions into the Marches or Reft. Out of respect for Duke Sharik Arcadia, whose strategy it was that prevailed over the Aslan, the Gazulin ducal seat is maintained for ceremonial reasons, and popular opinion would rather see it converted into a constitutional monarchy.

Gazulin was the object of major immigration during the 1130s. In a ten year period, its population grew from two billion to forty billion. Consequently this had strained the world's previous existing infrastructure, and most of the world's settlements are constructed of rude, temporary structures that are often overcrowded. Most of the cities constructed since the Collapse are towers mounted on the horizontal "flattops" of caisson buried on the ocean floor; most of these are clustered together, seperated by estaurine "Canals" into "Venetian Cities". Each of these towers is a fully self-contained island in of itself, and this tends to encourage fiercely parochial differences between the populations that dwell within them. These fueding factions have forced the original planetary government to isolate itself on the mainland, and rule through oftentimes harsh measures. Integration between the human and Aslan communities varies widely, depending upon local geography and other variables.

Gazulin's most striking feature is a huge planet spanning series of fissures known as the Steakknife Rift, an artifact of the Ancient Final War. Some kind of planetary bombardment weapon tore apart the crust, and large amounts of silicic lava welled into the gaps. In most places this lava cooled into extensive obsidian deposits, sharp shards of which are interspersed throughout the rift and give it its name. The world was apparently a major Ancient base, with several facilities scattered over Scarpetti's more habitable moons. The only reasonably intact site is found on the innermost moon of Renaldo; a series of fully sealed concentric habitats were hollowed out of the moon, each of them containing a different set of atmosphere and temperature. What these habitats were intended to hold has never been determined.

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